One universal truth I cling to when I spend time with the special needs orphans is that kids like balloons. Is there anything more entertaining to a child than a colorful balloon?

Apparently it is great entertainment to hit your friend with a balloon, because it doesn’t hurt! Some other traditional things to do with balloons would include, but not be limited to, bursting them and making a sudden loud noise. Also, many enjoy holding the throat of the balloon and stretching it out a little to make a screaming sound when the air exits the balloon.

Another idea that works great with the beautiful thick black hair the children have is to rub an inflated balloon on some material and then hold it to someone’s head. The static electricity causes the person’s hair to stand up, and brings laughter to those watching. Now that I am bald, I am not a good candidate for this!

It is also entertaining to stuff an inflated balloon under your shirt so you will look insanely fat. As you can see below, this is universal! Nobody told him to do this, but he figured it out on his own.


As with most things that are enjoyed, the more balloons you have, the better life is! Whenever I have a bag of balloons, the children tell me which color they want and how fully inflated they want it.


One day I will teach the children about my favorite way to play with balloons — can you say WATER BALLOONS?! We at Global Partners in Life are delighted to bring smiles, companionship, and attention to the children we support at the special needs orphanage in China!

Have you ever watched a child discover the joy of a balloon? What did they find most entertaining?