As you can see for yourself, there is nothing spectacular about the building in the photograph below. It has no ornate features or any fascinating architectural designs. There aren’t any bright colors or awnings to catch your eye.

The truth is, there are several more buildings just like this one within this apartment complex — so why is this building so special to me?

Perspective Means So Much

The building in the picture above is the home of some of the most precious people I have ever had the honor of knowing  You see, this is the building that houses the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life! This building protects my young friends from the brutal and extremely harsh winters of northeast China, and provides them with heat, water, and a place to call home.

Having a place to call home is incredibly important to a child that has been abandoned by their biological parents!

These children don’t have much to call their own. The few possessions they have are shared with the other children at the special needs orphanage. The ones that can go to school do have some school books to call their own, but they actually share them with the children at the special needs orphanage who can’t go to school. So this unimpressive building means everything to my young friends!

When I can’t sleep, the people I think about live in this building. When I cry, the people I cry about live in this building. So this ordinary and non-descriptive building is extremely important to me . . . and to my little friends who live there and call it home!

Learn more about this orphanage, and some of the children who live there, at