I know a recurring theme with my blog posts has to do with interesting and new sights I see while in China, and this post will be no different! I have seen so many unexpected and inexplicable things as I have traveled, so I consider myself fortunate, and I always enjoy encountering a new sight from time to time.

As I walked down one of the most heavily traveled thoroughfares running north and south in one of my favorite cities in China, I came across something I had never considered seeing on a busy street corner. To my surprise, an industrious young man had set up a couple of stools, and was doing pedicures for everyone to see!

Would You Like Some Traffic With Your Pedicure?

He had all of his supplies nicely arranged in his “office,” so I guess this wasn’t a spur of the moment idea for him. I have probably passed this street corner hundreds of times, and never seen him there. He decided he didn’t want me taking any additional pictures, but I can tell you he actually had a line of people waiting for him! If you look at the person in the background in the striped shirt, they appear to be in such a hurry for his services that they are already taking off their shoes!

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well along Qing Nian Da Jie! So if you ever want to let literally thousands of people watch you enjoy your pedicure, may I suggest visiting this busy street corner in China?

Do you think he has your color of toenail polish?