There is a young girl at the special needs orphanage in China, supported by Global Partners in Life, who is a poor student. Some think that, between the health problems of her biological mother and with her own health problems, she has some slight developmental issues. On my last visit, I learned that she has a new talent, which surprised everyone. Would you like to know what her hidden talent is?

Who Knew She Was an Artist?

She can draw very well! For some reason, out of the blue, she just started drawing — and doing it well for someone with no training. While the other students were doing their homework, she had her books out also, but she was drawing. I think that might be our little secret!

Who Knew She Was An Artist?

The photo above shows our friend and artist. It is interesting to me that she chose to have a telephone with no cord going to it as her paperweight. You can see some of her work in the photos above and below, and I was fortunate to find some of her work in color, because she usually likes to sketch in pencil.

Who Knew She Was An Artist?

Perhaps our little artist learned how to draw at school, but I am not sure. What I am sure about is that Global Partners in Life will continue giving financial aid to this orphanage so she, and her brothers and sisters at the orphanage who can physically attend school, can continue their educations.

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