As you can imagine, storage is at a premium at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life. There are so many people living in the apartment, and they store items for all seasons plus wheelchairs and toys, so it is truly a challenge for them. So do you want to know how items which will be needed are stored and still accessible?

When Every Inch is Packed

It gets very cold in the city where the special needs orphanage is, so putting onions in the window is a great way to store them out of the way. The top green part of the onion are chopped into small pieces and used to garnish and flavor many dishes. The bottom of the onions are chopped into larger pieces and used with many dishes as well. It is also very common to see cabbages stored in windows and above doors in China.

We at Global Partners in Life try to provide meals for the children, and we cover the expenses for their medical and educational needs. Currently, we spend about eighty five dollars per month for each child’s food.

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