Recently we have been hearing a tremendous amount of unpleasant stories on the news, but now we have something to celebrate with you. Global Partners in Life turned 16 years old today! Please check out some of our amazing growth and impact, thanks to your contributions!

It has been both an honor and a blessing to be on this journey with you! I am extremely thankful for the people we have been led to that are providing an amazing service for people that can’t help themselves or provide for themselves. Obviously, I am thankful for the recipients of this service, like the orphans and widows, and grateful for how our donors continue to meet their needs. Additionally, I am inspired by the people we support who face physical and emotional challenges of a magnitude most of us can’t imagine!

If you look at the graphic above, you will see the ever-increasing impact you are having through your gifts to Global Partners in Life! To say I am thrilled by our growth would be a huge understatement! To say I am extremely excited about our future would be yet another understatement! 

Yes, I love helping people living in deplorable conditions and situations, providing medical attention for orphans and widows, and supporting people that are serving others at a very high level of care! 

Without our donors, our ongoing support of orphans and widows would simply not happen. In fact, without them, Global Partners in Life would not have seen our 16th birthday, so thanks again to our donors. I appreciate your generous hearts more than I can say, and our success is directly based on your support!

I look forward to our future of impacting the globe by meeting the needs of orphans and widows! Also, I am excited about continuing our relationships both foreign and domestic!