On my last full day in Peru, I was at a Starbucks near a shopping mall.  The parking lot for the shopping area was blocked off and they had live music and dancing, and this was in the morning. Would you like to see someone I met that was participating in the celebration?

I have no idea what the music and dancing was about, but I did like this little girl’s outfit. The girl was facing away from me, and I approached the mother and asked for permission to take her daughter’s picture.  Immediately, the little girl turned around and gave me a big smile.  The lady, whom I assume was her mother, said it would be okay for me to take the picture, and the photo above was taken. I have another photo that will give you a better appreciation of her hair. Would you like to see it?

Since I am bald, I would have no idea of how long it would take to style her hair like this, but I would imagine it was a lengthy process. I doubt this was done every day!

I am happy to say that the Peruvian people were very pleasant, kind, and understanding that I hadn’t mastered their language or culture. By the way, for those of you that know I also go to China and India, the flight to Peru is much shorter!

It will be wonderful for all of the travel restrictions to be removed and we can all travel freely!