As you know Global Partners in Life is assisting widows in a rural area of India called Gumma. In fact, the first building we have provided is being built to house 20 elderly widows with health problems. Obviously, these ladies can’t provide for themselves, so the Coronavirus was especially cruel to them.

Another Negative Impact of the Coronavirus

With no resources for food, shelter, or medical attention, some of the ladies we are assisting live in and around buildings like the one in the photo above, which was severely damaged by a cyclone and abandoned. With these widows’ poor health, age, and living in an area where there aren’t many jobs, they can’t provide for themselves so they may beg or depend on food given to them by someone passing by.

During the Coronavirus, I was contacted by our partner in India, Biswajit Pani. Biswajit told me India was going through a mandatory 3 week stay at home order, so there is nobody passing by on the streets, and the ladies have nobody to beg a few small coins from or receive food. Biswajit asked if Global Partners in Life could please send money to provide food for the widows during this desperate time. I am very thankful to report that through the generous contributions of Global Partners in Life’s donors, we were able to send funds for food to assist these widows.

I will never be able to thank those that provide gifts for Global Partners in Life enough for enabling us to have a positive impact globally!