If you recall, in a previous blog I sang the praises of the orphanage Global Partners in Life has started supporting in Lima, Peru, called New Life Children’s Home.  I was extremely impressed with the facility’s cleanliness, the adult to children ratio, the staff, the number of children being adopted, and the leadership of the children’s home.  There is one more thing that truly sets this children’s home above others; would you like to know what it is?

In the building where the offices and maintenance area are, this door is very impressive to me.  Not the physical door itself, but what happens behind the door.  You see, behind this door is an office where the counselors, psychologists, and government officials that care for the orphans spend time with the children.  I think it is fantastic that there are so many different levels of care given to the children at New Life Children’s Home!  Some of these children may have been sold to work for others at a very young age, some come from families where drugs and alcohol were problematic, and some come from abusive situations, so you can see why the counseling is so important.  Honestly, I wish there were more of these types of services available for orphans globally. 

If I understand the process for adoption correctly, if the government case workers don’t feel a child is emotionally ready to be adopted and moved into a new environment, they can place the adoption on hold until there is a better chance for the child’s transition to be a great one for them.  I applaud this effort of the Peruvian government! 

I am very thankful for the people that invest in Global Partners in Life. Their generosity enables us to provide for the children that need more time behind the special door!