About Beau

global-partnersI am the founder and president of Global partners in Life, a non-profit organization that helps orphaned children, special needs orphans, and disadvantaged youth with educational, humanitarian and medical needs in China. Since 2004, Global Partners in Life (GPiL) has been giving for the purpose of enabling young lives to prosper. Please visit GlobalPartnersinLife.org to learn more.

As a businessman, teacher, humanitarian, and husband I enjoy the business of making life better for those around me. It’s no secret, I enjoy people. Formerly, I served in the tech world successfully as a manager for IBM. As my interest in Chinese culture grew, I earned the title of teacher after serving on numerous teaching tours as an English language instructor at a Chinese university and other business and language schools in China. In China, teacher is a lifelong title of honor of which I will always appreciate and cherish. My passion is to serve others, and doing so as the president of Global Partners in Life has been a focus and a joy. Lastly, I am so pleased to celebrate over twenty-six years of blissful marriage with my beautiful wife, Leah.