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During my last visit to China, I was in a rush going to my gate at the airport. However, something caught my eye. The walls of the long corridors leading to the gates had some huge and beautiful murals on them. I wished I had some time to stop and admire them, but I didn’t. (Well, actually as it turns out I did, but I didn’t know it at the time. This is a story for another day!)

Some of these murals were of typical sights in China and others were from very recognizable locations. I apologize for the quality of the photos but, like I said, I was in a hurry to get to my gate.

Hopefully you will enjoy these photos as much as I did. This was a pleasant surprise in the airport. I hope you can recognize the Great Wall of China!

Airport Murals 1

Airport Murals 2

Airport Murals 3

Airport Murals 4

Airport Murals 5

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Cargo on the Bus

December 22, 2015 — Leave a comment

In China, buses are not only used to transport people, but also to move cargo. The top of the bus is considered nothing more than a large storage deck, so why not make some extra money and charge to carry cargo as well? I am amazed by how high workers can stack cargo on a bus, and I am equally impressed by how skilled the workers are in securing the cargo with heavy nets.


Honestly, I have seen a bus or two that had such high stacks of cargo on them that I had no idea of how they kept from rolling over. I would think the weight distribution is critical for a bus loaded with cargo, and they would have to watch for low overpasses!


In the rural areas, the bus may make several unscheduled stops to pick up passengers. The people will sit beside the road and wait for the bus to come by.


When the new passengers are loaded on the bus, their cargo has to be secured. I once saw someone shipping glass windows on a bus. To my surprise, I heard they made it just fine.


If you ever have the opportunity to travel in China, I would like to encourage you to take a bus……just one time! You will be exposed to a common mode of transportation for most people, and you will get to meet many nice people. Sure, they will look at you funny initially, but then they will become your friend.



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Scooters come in many shapes and sizes in China, and during my last trip to China, a couple of them caught my eye. The first one seemed like it was beefed up and tricked out a little for most scooters. It also looks strong and durable, but I wouldn’t want to ride it without lessons and a helmet!
The next scooter is the same as far as being black, but I don’t think it is quite as substantial as the one pictured above. Again, a helmet would be a must for ridding on the streets of China (or anywhere else for that matter)!
Once during this trip, I saw a scooter with 2 wheels. The wheels were side by side, not one in front of the other, so I wouldn’t think it was road worthy.
I have one more picture to show you related to this subject. This motorcycle with a side car is black like the previous two scooters, and it also has an Oakland Raiders decal on it! Judging from the dents, I am sure the driver and passenger both needed a helmet!

Keep your eyes open, because you never know what you will see in China!


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With China’s recent improvements in their economic standing, people now have more discretionary funds for nice things… like cars. This has brought about some interesting challenges for China. Many of the cities were not designed to handle this increase in the volume of cars. So, some people decide it is OK to park on the sidewalk, which is understandable because there aren’t enough parking spaces. When this becomes even more interesting is when people decide to drive on the sidewalks — no, I am not kidding. Some of the drivers are first generation drivers, so other than riding in a taxi or bus, they haven’t been exposed to a lot of driving.

The new buildings are being designed by wise engineers, so they are addressing the parking problem by digging huge holes underneath the buildings for underground parking decks. This is a great idea, so I tip my hat to those who planned the new buildings with this design.

With the new discretionary funds some in China have, many have turned to luxury cars, and some to sports cars. You can see a wide variety of cars on the streets in China!




Yes, you can even find a custom exterior on a car to help the owner express themselves. I have even seen a small black car with a Batman logo on the hood!


What car-crazy nation would be complete without a set of fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror?!



In many of the airports I have been in inside China, when you are taking a flight to a smaller city, your plane may not pull up to the terminal. Often, the plane will be waiting for you in a designated area on the tarmac and you will be put on a bus at the terminal to be taken to the plane. This was a little unnerving for me at first, because I wasn’t sure where the bus was taking us!

As you wait for your flight, you can get something to eat, watch the activity at the gates, or meet some very nice people! On this particular day, I was fortunate enough to meet some very friendly people with smiling faces.




When a flight is announced, people will line up at the gate, have their tickets checked, and board the bus. The buses are nice and clean, but get crowded quickly. It is usually a very short ride to the plane that is waiting to take you to your destination.


I imagine this system allows more flights to be used per gate. With the number of travelers increasing in China, it is imperative that their airports function efficiently! Just remember this: keep your coat if it is cold. Don’t put it in your backpack because you may wait in a line outside the plane when boarding.

Because many travelers in China will spend a lot of time in taxicabs, I thought it important to share more about the men and women who will be chauffeuring you around town.

4_Taxi_image 5


Over my many years of catching taxicabs in China, I’ve learned some ins and outs to make my traveling experience worry-free. And as an international traveler, the taxi experience can be either quite pleasant or quite precarious, depending on your familiarity with the system. So, here are ten important things you should know about taxis in China.



Upon arrival in any city, there are standard things a traveler wants: a clean, polished, and well-organized airport, quick and convenient transportation to and from the airport, and a comfortable place to sleep at the end of the day.
Pudong Int Airport in Shanghai


If you’ve never been through the Beijing Capital International Airport, or if you haven’t gone in over six years then you can expect a jaw-dropping experience when you do.