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Robert Thompson’s Leadership Grenades Podcast

Beau joins Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to explore the unspoken cultural complexities of China that westerners often face, and overlook, in this modern and ancient society.

Book Review: "Lessons From China" by Beau Sides

This book made me want to pack my bags and head out into the unknown of another culture in another place on the globe …–John Smith

Two Novels Mix Fact and Fiction to Build New Bridges

Fiction is a great way to explore reality. Two new books take on the priceless value of person-to-person relationships between Americans and Chinese using the tools of imagination and poetic license and manage to paint pictures that reveal deep-seated truths.

Freedom Day! A Guest Post for Martina McGowan

Do you have a day in your life that marks a dramatic change in your vision, focus, and direction? Well I do! My day is January 16th 2004, and I call it Freedom Day.

‘Qiezi’ Guest Post by @beausides #LessonsFromChina

Beau celebrates diversity and cultural differences. He is also a great example of what Servant Leadership should look like. His new book, Lessons From China, is a heartwarming story of a recent college grad that goes to China to teach English.

New Book ‘Lessons From China: A Westerner’s Cultural Education’ by Beau Sides Now Available

Through a fictional travelogue, “Lessons from China” offers unique insights on current Chinese culture, business, personal etiquette, and economic development.

What Is It Like To Live In China?? How An American Found Out

“Of all the various educational methodologies, one of the most effective is story-telling. This is the method Beau Sides uses in his recently published book…The tale is well told and very informative and humorous.”

"Lessons From China" Shares Insights On Chinese Culture

“Readers will appreciate the accuracy and the detail of Lessons from China…”