Airline Flights: My Normal Seat

March 1, 2016 — 1 Comment

From my many domestic flights within China, I have noticed a few things that are consistent. It appears to me that if there are many foreigners on the flight, they will all be seated in the middle of the plane. Maybe this is to make sure a flight attendant with strong foreign language skills can speak with us, or maybe they assume we are all friends. I don’t know.

The other seat I am usually assigned is in the back of the plane. I don’t mean near the back, I mean the very last row. This is where I was on my last trip, the last row. The flight was full, and the only foreigners I remember seeing were with me, so in the back we went!mynormal

I will have to say this for the fleet of planes I have flown in China; they are almost always spotless on the inside and look new. The flying experience has come a long way since I first started going to China. Years ago there were no assigned seats, so when we boarded the plane there was a crazy rush of people getting on the plane, because everyone wanted a good seat.

This is the view when you are the last passenger off the plane! If your patience can last that long, it is very easy to exit the plane this way.mynormal2

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