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When I am traveling, one of the things I find interesting is the architecture. I have been fortunate enough to have gone to Beijing, China, many times, and one of my favorite buildings to see is the TV station building. Please have a look to see if you find it interesting also!

What Architecture Do You Find Interesting?

I call this the transformer building, based on the action figures from the movie Transformers. I have no idea why the lines that look like cracks are there, and that makes it even more interesting to me. Some people have called it the “Sponge Bob Square Pants building”, but I like my name better. The multi-dimensional appearance is like no other building I have seen.

Not too far from the Transformer building there is another structure which I find interesting. This building is called the “beehive building” by the people in Beijing, and I think you can understand why.

What Architecture Do You Find Interesting?

Both of these photographs were taken during my last visit. I was very fortunate to be in Beijing on a clear day. Steps are being taken to improve the air quality, but some days are as bad as the information being reported on the news.

Hopefully you will have an opportunity to travel and enjoy some interesting architecture soon! Don’t forget to have your camera ready!

There is a train station I have used many times in the center of Beijing, China, and that is where my sleeper train arrives from another city. I like the sleeper trains because they save money, and you can meet some very interesting people on the trains. On my last trip to China, I used this train station at night to catch my sleeper train to another city. I was amazed by how different the train station, which I have used many times before, seemed; and I got to see a different area than when I arrive in the mornings. Come along on this journey with me!

As Different as Night and Day

This is what the exterior looked like when I arrived at the train station at night. Check out the difference compared to the morning view.

As Different as Night and Day

Once I got inside, I was impressed with some of the craftsmanship within the terminal!

As Different as Night and Day

There was ornate molding everywhere, and some of the columns were gorgeous!

As Different as Night and Day

I have one more photograph to share with you from this adventure, but first I must put this into perspective for you. It was about 10:00 PM when I was there, and the terminal was packed! The waiting areas had no place to sit, because all of the seats were taken, so there were people standing around waiting everywhere you could see. Did I mention it was 10:00 PM?!

As Different as Night and Day

As you can see from the picture above, the ceilings were very high. I would say at least 30 feet! I think it was designed like that for one reason–if everyone inside inhaled at the same time, there would be enough air in the room!

It was very educational for me to see the departure area of this very old and historic train station. My mind can’t fathom how many people use this train station daily and, to carry that thought out, how many people have used this facility since it was built!

All aboard! 

I am not an architect, so I can’t tell you all that was involved with the design and construction of this building, but to me this building is one of the most interesting modern buildings I have ever seen. It is near the center of Beijing and it is the CCTV building. It is a good thing I was in a taxi the first time I saw it; I am sure I would have had a wreck if I had been driving. I just stared in awe at the building as we passed it and I immediately thought: Wow! That looks like it came out of one of the Transformer movies!


There were a few things that instantly caught my eye. One of those was how it was a 3D construction… pretty amazing to someone that doesn’t have any imagination. Also, I wondered about how stable it was, since there was nothing I could see supporting a portion of the building. Another thought was: why were the dark lines there? Were they artistic or did they serve some purpose?




As you can see from these pictures at dusk, there is a certain level of illumination from within the building. Given that it was the season of winter when this picture was taken, I had to wonder if it had been decorated for Christmas. If it wasn’t decorated for Christmas, a wonderful opportunity to have something that could look spectacular was certainly missed. OK, I know Christmas isn’t as big in China as it is in the states. Maybe that was just the kid inside me having those thoughts….

Hopefully, you will get to see this building and the many other interesting architecture styles in China soon!