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Recently I reviewed photos from a trip to China in 2014, and I realized the impact the donors of Global Partners in Life were having should be shared.  In a very short series of photos, I obtained some amazing young people struggling to have a healthier life.  Would you like to see them?

This little friend of mine just had the second of 3 surgeries for a cleft palate. He already had the surgery to close his lip, and this surgery closed the gap in his gums. The third surgery is to close the gap in the roof of the mouth, but it must be performed when the child is considerably older. He must have had lots of swelling, because I have never seen the breathing device inserted in the nose like that. Oh, and his cheeks are pretty plump also! This little guy has an incredible amount of energy, so it is unusual to catch him sleeping!

As you can see in the photograph above, this little boy is getting individualized care. Through the donations to Global Partners in Life, we were able to pay for a medical procedure which implanted a stint to allow drainage for this young boy with hydrocephalus. Again, through the generous gifts to Global Partners in Life, we are able to pay the salary for the lady providing care for the boy. Her name is Loa, and she is over 70 years old and she has a bad back. Her husband wants her to retire, but she says she loves the children too much to stay away from them. Loa and her husband have reached a compromise, and she has reduced the number of hours she works each week.

On behalf of the people in need, Global Partners in Life, and myself, I want to thank everyone that gives their time, talents, and funds to help others who can’t provide for themselves. Who knows, it could be you in need one day!    

At the special needs orphanage in China supported by the generous donors of Global Partners in Life, there is a very impressive little girl about 4 years old named Fei Bi. She has cerebral palsy, but has recently made many wonderful improvements! During my recent visit, I took some photos, so would you like to see her?

Would You Call This A Miracle? -

What is impressive about Fei Bi is how well she is responding to physical therapy! Prior to her therapy, Fei Bi had to be strapped into her wheelchair, and about the only noise she made was when she screamed or when she would grind her teeth. Global Partners in Life is funding her therapy 5 days a week, and she receives many stretching exercises as well as acupuncture. The results from her treatments have been amazing!

Would You Call This A Miracle? -

The first sign of improvement was Fei Bi being able to hold her head up without any assistance. That was followed by her being able to roll over all by herself! As you can see in the photo below, Fei Bi, from what I am told by those that are with her daily, is trying to become verbal. No longer does she scream like she is under some type of attack, but she is much more calm when she makes noises with her mouth!

Would You Call This A Miracle? -

Now that Fei Bi is receiving treatments 5 days a week, I haven’t heard her grinding her teeth. Believe me, when she would grind her teeth, you could hear her from the next room!

Thanks to your generous donations, the quality of life is improving for Fei Bi, and those that provide care for her. I am sure for the other children it is more pleasant for them to be around her as well, so this is a win–win–win situation, all made possible because of your donations.

For those of you that choose to support Global Partners in Life, you can see how your gifts are having a huge impact on our little friends at the special needs orphanage! I can never thank you enough for that!

One of the many ways Global Partners in Life helps support the children at the special needs orphanage in China is by paying for their school fees. Granted, not all of the children are capable of going to school for various reasons; but we do all we can to pay the school fees, school supplies, lunches, and uniforms. Would you like to see what one report card looks like?

A Special Report Card

Actually, this isn’t a normal report card, nor is it from a normal school. The lady that leads the special needs orphanage found a school for people with special needs. The programs they offer have to do with health issues. The goal of this school is to help special needs people obtain a marketable skill, so that they can one day can become independent, and I am in complete support of that.

This report card belongs to a young lady with more physical issues than I can list. We even brought her to the States for medical attention at one point, but unfortunately, not much could be done for her at that time. I believe our young friend has been in this program for at least two years. What makes this report card unique is that (I am told) it says that she is one of the elite students. She has been studying massage therapy, and I believe she is going to study something like acupuncture soon!

I am very proud of her and I believe she will continue in her academic excellence! When people invest in Global Partners in Life, we use that money to help the special needs orphans receive an education, so that they may one day become independent and provide for themselves.

Thanks so much to those of you that contribute to the work we are honored to do in China!

More Than Just a Passport

November 19, 2015 — 2 Comments

To you this picture may seem like just a photo of a Chinese passport, but to a few people, it means so much more than that.  You see,this passport belongs to a young friend of mine passportfrom the special needs orphanage Global Partners in Life supports.  She has so many medical problems that it is hard to list them all, but I will try.  She has scoliosis so severely that she sometimes only eats one meal a day, because her spine is curved so far that her stomach pushes against her spine causing discomfort when her belly is full.  My friend also has dwarfism, metal rods in her leg, hips that are out of joint, and she has had foot and knee surgeries.

There are a few organizations I want to thank for their assistance bringing my friend to the States for some medical attention.  Delta Airlines graciously flew my friend and a caregiver from China to Atlanta, GA. Once they arrived, Shriners International took over.  They, along with Delta, arranged a special meeting at the airport with the Secretarpassport1y of State of Georgia. At that meeting, they made my friends honorary citizens!

In the next phase of the trip, Delta flew my friends to Philadelphia, where the Shriners Hospital gave my friend wonderful medical advice.  My friend saw two back specialists, one pain specialist, and a hip specialist. On top of this, the Shriners paid for all her expenses!  They also agreed to provide lodging for any length of time for recovery. The doctors agreed that since she could walk now, the surgery needed was too risky for her. No operations were performed at that time.                                                                              

It was wonderful for me to see that fantastic organizations like Delta Airlines and the Shriners were willing to help an orphan from China.  I feel eternally indebted to them!  

Hospital Visit

November 12, 2015 — Leave a comment

During one of my many trips to China, I visited one of the children from the special needs orphanage Hv1Global Partners in Life supports in the hospital. When we entered the hospital, I was thankful the lady that runs the orphanage was with me, because I had no idea of where to go. This hospital was large, and I was impressed with the width of the halls. Two gurneys and several people could all easily move in the hall at the same time. The gurneys I saw were older looking, and so was the hospital.

The child was in a room with three other patients. In China, the hospitals don’t provide meals, so each patient needs a family member or friend to bring them food. Also, if a patient is in the room and an x-ray is needed, they will need someone to transport them to the x-ray lab, because the hospital doesn’t do that either. One more interesting side note about the hospitals in China, you have to pay for the procedure before it is done. This is a pretty interesting business model!


When the medical team came in to check on the child, I noticed that there were a lot of people on the team. I have a strong feeling this was a teaching hospital. The main doctor could speak English and a friend from the States that is a medical professional was with me, so she and the doctor excused themselves and had a very in-depth conversation about our little friend.


We learned that the child needed a special type of stent to drain the fluid for his hydrocephalus. My friend in the medical profession was able to use her networking skills and get a stent donated! This was truly an educational trip to a Chinese hospital for me.

One of the abnormalities we have seen multiple times at the special needs orphanage Global Partners in Life supports are hernias.  From what I have observed in the children that have had hernias, they don’t let it bother them at all, so I am thankful for that.  I don’t know if there is a link to the child’s development, but sometimes the child has other problems more severe than their hernia.

image00One child that I remember well also had a hole in their heart, so that made the hernia problem rather insignificant to the medical team.  In fact, the surgeons didn’t repair the hernia when the hole in the heart was repaired.  The decision was made to wait until the child had recovered from the heart operation, rather than resolving both problems while the child was put to sleep for the heart problem.

The hernia pictured on the right is a larger one.  After their surgery, the recovery seems to go rather quickly for the children, which is wonderful, because we certainly want to see them active as soon as they feel up to it!

Global Partners in Life helps these children in China with their humanitarian, educational, and medical expenses, and we are thankful to be in a position to provide life changing medical attention for the children who are so desperately in need!