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Let me introduce you to one of my young friends from the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life in China. His name is Xiao Wei, and he is about 4 years old. Would you like to see him?

There is Hope for His Future -

Perhaps you can tell from the photo above that he likes to play, and he has a jovial disposition, but his story is a sad one. Xiao Wei was born with a twin sister, and they were premature. Unfortunately, when the twins were put in the oxygen chamber, the protection needed for their prolonged exposure to oxygen was put over his sister’s eyes, but not his. This exposure of his eyes to all of the oxygen has caused his blindness. He does, however, sense light.

There is Hope for His Future -

Xiao Wei has become much more vocal in the past year compared to his previous year or two at the orphanage. He likes to wrestle with the other boys, and he is without a doubt the best dancer there! When I visit, he recognizes my voice and will say, “Mom, is Beau here?” — which absolutely makes my day!

Global Partners in Life has been given his medical records and they have been given to an eye surgeon in America to review. Unfortunately, his medical needs were not addressed immediately, so for now, there is nothing that can be done. But I am happy to report that there is potentially a surgical procedure that can be performed when he is around 20 years old which could restore his vision! I would be thrilled if this actually can take place! It would be an honor to help this young fellow reach his potential and enjoy life to the fullest.

Thanks so much to the people that contribute to the work Global Partners in Life is doing! Your donations have helped many children like Xiao Wei to have the life-changing medical procedures they need and to have the highest quality of life as possible! 

It Had to Happen

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What happens when you give children toys that can use their imaginations to create their own objects with which to play? Of course, they make guns! Would you like to see the scene from a trip to China earlier this year, when Global Partners in Life provided some Lego-type toys for the children at the special needs orphanage we support?


As you can see, the younger child has his gun, and he is trying to sneak up on the older child with his multi-colored gun! Not only are the toys entertaining to the boys, but the two girls in the background seem to be getting a laugh from the stealthy little boy!

This was a good day for the children at the orphanage and also for Global Partners in Life. Not only did the children receive some new toys to play with, but they also had a fun day full of laughs and smiles, and those laughs and smiles are what made it a good day for Global Partners in Life. We also provided financially for many of the children’s needs during this trip, and the joy we saw on the children’s faces was a great reward!

If you would like to help meet the needs of these playful children, please visit and click on the donate button.

During my most recent trip to China, which I returned from only a few days ago, the group I was with had multiple opportunities to visit the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life. One morning, we went shopping for the children and we purchased hot cereal, diapers, beef, and school supplies. We also brought in some new toys for the children to play with. Sometimes they can get creative with the items we provide for them. Would you like to see an example?

A Creative Way to Play Peekaboo

So, what would you do with a bucket designed to hold Lego toys? Why, play peekaboo with it of course!

A Creative Way to Play Peekaboo

For those of you who financially support the work Global Partners in Life is doing in China, I can’t begin to tell you the joy I received watching this little boy laughing and playing. Global Partners in Life tries very hard to provide for these children in many ways. Having a fun day playing is just one of them!

To learn more about supporting these special children, visit!


When my friend who leads the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life called, there was panic in her voice. She told me that one of the children desperately needed surgery on her heart. This child had blue lips and fingernails the last time I saw her, due to the hole in her heart not allowing the correct amount of oxygen to be in her blood, and she had grown very weak. My friend was frantically trying to raise the funds to pay for the surgery, because in China you have to pay for the entire medical procedure before the surgery actually takes place.

What A Difference A Day Makes

I am so thankful that Global Partners in Life was able to provide for this medical emergency, thanks to one special donor! This was the first major surgery we had provided for financially, and I am so thankful we did! After the surgery, I got to watch this child grow and flourish. She had once backed away from group wrestling matches, but after recovering from the surgery, she would be right in the middle of them.

This is hard to believe, but when this child was only three years old, she could fold the laundry. Also, she could feed the little babies their baby food without spilling a drop! She would get the right amount of food on the spoon and put it into the baby’s mouth, give the baby enough time to eat what they had, use the spoon to wipe up any extra that was on the outside of the baby’s mouth, and then repeat this process until the baby had completed their meal.

I am thrilled to share with you that this child was later adopted by a wonderful foreign family. It is amazing to consider the the difference — that she was once struggling to survive due to their health conditions, and now she is healthy, happy, and living abroad with a loving family!

This is what can happen when we invest in the lives of these truly needy children . . . wouldn’t you like to help make a difference?



Someone contacted me via social media a couple of months ago, out of the blue, as the saying goes. I didn’t know this person, but she said that she had once lived in the city where the special needs orphanage is that Global Partners in Life supports, and she had even volunteered at the orphanage. We had communicated a few times when she told me she was returning to China to adopt. Before her adoption, she planned to visit the special needs orphanage, and she asked if there was any particular need she could help with while she was there. Her timing was perfect!

During my previous trip, I had been made aware of one of the girls having a problem with her crutches. She has the type of crutches with the cuff that goes around the forearm for additional support. The crutches are adjustable for when the child grows taller. Unfortunately, the pen that holds the handle in place was broken. There was a spring behind a metal ball that would push through a hole to lock the handle in place. The metal ball was missing, so there was a sharp end of the spring exposed, which stuck our little friend many times.

I told my new friend that I had asked a man there to fix the crutch, but he was unsuccessful. I had also looked at multiple locations in my hometown, and I couldn’t find a replacement! The wonderful news is that the lady going for a visit at the special needs orphanage not only found a youth’s set of crutches, but she also purchased and delivered a larger set of similar crutches, so our little friend will have good crutches to use as she grows and matures!

True Help Requires All Of Us

I am so thankful for my new friend! After being told by the director of the special needs orphanage to reach out to me, she actually did. Then she was willing to ask how she could help, and she carried through with the request!

This story reveals that we all can help — we just need to take the first step!

If you would like to support the work of Global Partners in Life, please visit our website.

By the way, this story has an even happier ending. My new friend and her family now have a child from China in their family! I am so thankful for people who have a heart for others!

If you have read many of my blog posts, you probably have noticed a pattern. I visit a special needs orphanage frequently, and hopefully that is blatant in my blogs. I love the children Global Partners in Life supports, and I think I do something they enjoy very much. Want to know what it is?

Have You Ever Tasted Individually Wrapped Love?

I bring individually wrapped pieces of chocolate for the children at the special needs orphanage! They seem to like it very much. I know it may not seem like a big deal to us, but for the children, getting some chocolate from the States makes a wonderful day for them. Yes, you can buy chocolate in China, but for some reason they seem to prefer what I can bring from the States. The older children are very good about helping the younger children unwrap their chocolate, as you can tell from the photograph above.

Everyone wants some of the chocolate I bring — young and old are the same in that regard. The lady that leads the special needs orphanage is always cautious about not letting the children have too much chocolate all at one time. I don’t know if she is trying to save some for later, doesn’t want the children to ruin their dinner, or doesn’t want to chase after all of the children with an elevated energy level from the chocolate. I do know, however, that she does prefer their snacks to be individually wrapped.

Have You Ever Tasted Individually Wrapped Love?

From my last trip when I purchased gifts, toys, food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and diapers, I must say thanks to my sister, Toni, and her friends for providing the chocolate which put all of the smiles on the faces of the children at the special needs orphanage! We will never know how much something like this means to someone like the children we support in China. This lets them know that somebody half way around the world from them was thinking about them and thought enough of them to do something special!

Please help Global Partners in Life meet the needs of these children by visiting our website and contributing to the work we are doing!

Have you ever had a great distraction? Maybe you are watching a ball game and a friend comes over with cookies, now that would be a great distraction… as long as they ring the doorbell during a commercial!

This charming little guy is having one of those moments, and it is so funny to watch him approach it. A friend of mine was at the special needs orphanage to take some of the children who were physically able to ice skate to the local rink in a mall. The children were lining up to get their shoes and coats, when I came in with bags of gifts I had purchased for the children. Although this fellow is young, he knows I come with gifts, toys, and food. He really isn’t interested with the cleaning supplies, toiletries, and diapers.

Have you ever had a moment of great distraction?

As you can see, his body is lined up to go to the door and get his shoes, but his eyes are focused on the large bags of goodies I had for them. He was all ready to go ice skating, but his mind was saying, hey, let’s check out what Beau has for us this time!

The ice skating was only delayed a little bit while the items I brought were tucked away in a place where all of the little hands couldn’t get to them. Do you wonder if he was thinking about what was in the bags back home while he was ice skating?

Thanks so much for your donations which enabled me to be able to make the purchases for the children!

I am so thankful for the people that have a heart for the young children living at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life, and who work so hard to meet their needs.

As you can imagine, it takes a special person to deal with the challenges of having so many children living in the same apartment, not to mention their special needs. I would get very frustrated quickly if I worked there — but not my friends. I have learned that they have a little secret which not only helps them, but inspires them as well. Would you like to know what their secret is?

It Takes Less Than A Generation

Actually, their secret isn’t a what, but a who.

In the photograph above, the boy on the left needed a lot of help just a few years ago with daily issues, but now he is the one helping his younger brother and sisters who are living with him at the special needs orphanage. The boy on the right is blind, and he needed help while we were doing an activity. I can tell you from first-hand experience that the children are very patient with each other when they are helping.

Granted, kids will be kids — and sometimes when they are playing they can get irritated with one another — but how encouraging it must be for the workers to see a child that they once helped helping a younger orphan living with them!

As you can see, this orphanage, the children, and the adults working there have a sweet spirit about them. That is why it is so easy and rewarding for those of us who chose to get involved to assist our younger friends.

Would you care to join us?  Visit to learn how you can help!

What could be better on a hot summer day than eating a cold ice cream cone? That ice cream cone is enhanced significantly if you have been running and playing hard outside. This is a common series of events for most of us from our childhoods, but it virtually never happens for some young friends of mine.

As Global Partners in Life tries to provide for the children at the special needs orphanage we support in China by meeting their medical, educational, and humanitarian needs, we also want to provide some fond memories for them of their youth. The children don’t get to go outside and play very often, because there aren’t enough workers at the special needs orphanage to keep a watchful eye on all of them.

Having said that, all of the children got very excited when the leader of the orphanage told them to get their shoes on because they were going outside to play. There were shouts of joy and a rush to the door where they keep their shoes, and some tried eagerly to be the first one out the door.

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

After the children had been playing for a while, I walked to a local store and bought several different flavors of ice cream and returned to the children. The children were allowed to choose which flavor of ice cream cone they wanted, and it was a big decision for them! Some even made their selection, but brought it back after thinking about it a little more, and chose another one.

The ice cream was an inexpensive thing, but a huge treat for the children. The exchange rates allows us to have an even greater buying power there . . . even for some unexpected ice cream!

Would you like to help us provide for these children? Visit to learn how you can help!


Can you think of any activities for children that are better when done outside? Sure, fireworks and things involving throwing or kicking a ball come to mind, but what about the other not-so-obvious ones?

During a recent trip to the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life, we did one activity that is definitely better when done outside. This activity was placing water-based paint on the children’s hands, and then having them make an imprint of their freshly painted hand on a canvas. Once that was done, with a little touch up and imagination, it looked like each child’s handprint made a fish. It really brought this to life when a water line in the form of a wave was also painted on the canvas.

Some Activities Are Better Outside

It was actually funny to watch how the children reacted to having paint on their hands. Some embraced it, and some thought it was messy. Some just simply weren’t sure what to think about it, and others couldn’t wait to get their hand painted.

Some Activities Are Better Outside

The children were proud of their art project!  It was really cool to see how each child could recognize their handprint on the canvas.  If you look at the top right section of the photograph above, you will get an idea of what the final project looked like.  Also, here is a video of the process!

At the end of the day, the children had an opportunity to go outside and play — which doesn’t happen often, because there are not enough adults at the orphanage to watch all of the children. Also, they had been entertained and felt like someone cared for them, and their faces were full of smiles!

These are some of the things Global Partners in Life wants to provide for the abandoned children with special needs in China. This was definitely something new for them, and it worked out much better being done outside!

Can you imagine all of the children with paint on their hands with all of the opportunities to wipe the paint off onto something or someone inside?