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Each winter, I bring gifts, food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies to the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life. Actually, I do this during my visits throughout the year, but it is a particular focus during winter, when we celebrate Christmas and China celebrates their largest holiday, the Lunar New Year. Just a few weeks ago, I thought I had made some excellent decisions about the gifts I purchased for the children, but I quickly found out I was wrong . . . at least according to one young fellow. Can you guess where I made my mistake?

Sorry, Only Two Can Play This Game

The board game in the photograph above was a game the children knew how to play. When the game was opened, two of the older boys set up the board and began to play. The younger fellow finished playing with a different new toy, and got interested in the board game being played by the two older guys. When the younger fellow was told that only two could play the new game, to say he was upset would be an understatement! I quickly realized my mistake and made a note to myself for the purchase of future games.

After the emotions faded from not being able to play right away, my little friend remained focused on the game. Perhaps he was trying to learn how to play, or maybe he was learning some of the strategy involved. One thing I am certain about, he didn’t like not being allowed to play the new game when he wanted to play. I think he was ecstatic when he finally was allowed to play it!

Even though there was a rocky period with this one particular game, the children are always so enthusiastic to receive their gifts! Unfortunately, they don’t receive many during the year. A special thanks goes out to those that give so generously to the work of Global Partners in Life. We love putting smiles on the faces of the children and meeting their needs!

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Card Games in China_photo

I love watching a group of Chinese guys sitting around playing cards! This can go on for hours, and they truly seem to enjoy their time. Often the card game will draw in others to socialize with everyone else, so it becomes an even larger event. It’s unfortunate for me that I don’t know how to play, yet.

The guys seem to enjoy throwing down their playing cards with much more gusto than I am accustomed to seeing in the states. The card will be thrown down with so much force that you can hear the card hit the playing surface, if there isn’t too much other noise around.

This game time is also a time for the guys to enjoy their cigarettes, talk about current events, and maybe enjoy their favorite beverage.


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