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Having just returned from a trip to China, I am happy to share with you the beautiful and colorful Christmas decorations I found. Even though Christmas isn’t really celebrated as a holiday in China, many restaurants, hotels, and department stores decorate for the season! Would you like to know what famous designer participates also?

It Is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas |

As you can see in the photo above, even Louis Vuitton decorates his store for Christmas in Beijing! I must admit that this was a large tree indeed!

When I arrived at my hotel in Beijing, the train arrived too early for me to check in and it was too cold to stay outside and sightsee, so I walked around the hotel and photographed some of their decorations. Would you like to see them?

It Is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas |

One of the hotel’s restaurants is just beyond the glass case you see on the back left of this photo. I will show you the case and how the employees were dressed this year!

It Is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas |

It Is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas |

It Is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas |

The photo above was taken outside a mall at about 4:30 PM. Yes, it gets that dark that early in this city! It was crazy cold this day and the wind was blowing, so I felt sorry for the workers decorating this display. They definitely were not Grinches that day!

May you have the merriest of Christmases!


For those of you that know my wife, you know she spent many years in the real estate industry before going into the medical field. There were only a few things the she didn’t like in the real estate industry — like rude clients, teammates that didn’t work hard, and unrealistic people in regard to the value of their property. There is, however, one thing that still bothers her today that has to do with real estate, so would you like to know what it is?

Merry Christmas - Even in August |

Merry Christmas - Even in August |

You guessed it! She hates houses where Christmas decorations are left up all year long, and my trip to China in August reminded me of this. It seemed odd to see Christmas decorations out when it was over 90 degrees! You can see in the reflection in the photo above and on the right that I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, so it was hot! This was not an isolated sighting, as I came across other violators of the good real estate habits!

Merry Christmas - Even in August |  Merry Christmas - Even in August |

Believe it or not, I wasn’t looking for these Christmas decorations, but I just kept coming across them time after time on this trip. My wife is far from a Scrooge, but she has taught me it is in poor taste to leave your Christmas decorations up all year long.

This was something that just caught my eye on this latest trip. I encourage you to travel when you can, and have your camera ready, because you never know what you may see!

Enjoy your travels!

Over the years and during my many trips to China (56, but who is counting?), I have seen an increase in the number of Christmas decorations. Initially, only hotels in larger cities with many foreign patrons would be sparsely decorated; but now restaurants, department stores, and especially hotels like to decorate for Christmas.

Would you like to see some of the Christmas decorations I recently saw in China?

Christmas Decorations in China

Christmas Decorations in China

These two photographs above were also taken in a hotel lobby. You can see how exhausted Santa’s Elf looks, so hopefully that means there were many children on the nice list! Also, you can see a street lamp with a snowy windmill scene in it. Did I mention I was in China?

Christmas Decorations in China

I like the color blue in the picture below, so I like the contrasting colors of red, green, and blue in this decoration. This was actually on the ceiling of a hotel lobby. I am not sure what the hot air balloon has to do with our traditional Christmas decorations, but I guess if Rudolph got sick, Santa could use the hot air balloon to deliver the toys to all of the children!

So there you have a quick tour of Christmas decorations in China. Don’t worry, I saw many traditional Christmas trees, snowflakes, and Santa too!

Even though Christmas isn’t an officially recognized holiday in China, it is common to see plenty of holiday decorations. Many of the nicer hotels and department stores go all out with their decorations, and that is always interesting to see.

During a recent trip to China, I saw a combination of Chinese and western decorations together. So, what does it look like when East meets West in regard to Christmas decorations?

When East Meets West for Christmas

This photo was taken outside a mall that had holiday decorations displayed. The large green golf ball looking thing is actually part of a science education center for children, and at the other end of that building is where I have taught a time or two.

When East Meets West for Christmas

These certainly look different in the sunshine! If you are familiar with the song “Christmas in Dixie,” that wouldn’t apply in this location!

In this city there are several large department stores, part of a chain which is based in France, and they have many brightly colored options for your holiday decorations. You can even get a tree already decorated — and if you forget to say Merry Christmas, your tree can say it for you!

When East Meets West for Christmas

Maybe I should have this blog displayed again around the first of July. We will all probably be dreaming of a white Christmas at that time of the year!

Where have you seen the most interesting Christmas decorations?

Christmas is Coming!

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Christmas decorations are gaining popularity in China. From what I have seen, upscale hotels and department stores will provide many beautiful decorations for people to enjoy.  I have seen many pictures of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and many creative light shows for Christmas while in China.  When I would ask my students and friends if they knew why Christmas was celebrated, the answer I most often received was, “it is for father Santa.”


This impressive tree was in the lobby of a hotel; it was HUGE!  I can’t begin to imagine how many lights were actually on the tree, but I would qualify it as countless.  I don’t know how the decorations at the top of the tree were placed there, but I am sure I wouldn’t want to be the person responsible for arranging them on the tree.


This display in a hotel lobby captures a couple of seasonal themes with Santa coming down a brick chimney as a snow man stands by.   It even looks like Santa is holding on to the garland for a softer landing.


This multicolored display is outside a hotel in Beijing.  As you can see, the lights change colors and are displayed well against the night sky.  There are multiple Christmas trees at the base of the structure, but I am not sure about the connection of the structure to traditional Christmas decorations.


In keeping with the outside decorations, here is another Christmas tree from a large shopping area in a smaller city.  In my opinion, I think the commercialization of Christmas will increase as retailers and other industries try to capitalize on the season.  The Chinese have more discretionary income than they had twenty years ago, so it is easy for them to get into the Christmas spending mode.