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Dining in India

February 15, 2019 — Leave a comment

In the previous blog for January, you learned that I went to India when I left China last fall. You have heard me tell many stories about the delicious meals in China, so I thought I would share with you some of my dining experiences in India. Would you like to see a normal meal?

Dining in India |

As we entered the restaurant for my first meal in India, I noticed that along the wall the restaurant had many sinks. Since you eat with your hands in India, the restaurant provides you with many opportunities to wash your hands near your table. The meal in the photo above was curry. It is common to have a bowl of rice served with the curry. So, the process is for you to use the stainless steel tray as your plate. You will put the rice on the tray, and then place the different curry dishes on the tray as well. This is the interesting part: you will then mix the curry with the rice with your hands and, when it gets to a good consistency, you will pick up the rice and curry ball with your hand and put it into your mouth.

I must say the food was delicious! On this trip I used both chopsticks in China and then my hands in India to eat my meals. Don’t be fooled, eating with your hands is more difficult than you may think. If you have any loose rice stuck to your hand, it may fall off as you put the food in your mouth. Trust me about this! Sometimes you will also have some flat bread with the meal, which has a wonderful flavor!

Dining in India |

Getting a cup of hot chai is very common in India. The photo above was taken from a street vendor, and they have a special way to mix the tea and milk as it comes to a foamy head. If I remember correctly, the procedure actually has the chai foaming up a couple of times. While walking around the streets in India, I could smell the chai being prepared in many places.

Hopefully you enjoyed our tour of dining and beverages in India! I look forward to sharing more with you about India in the future!

During my last trip to China, when I stayed in Beijing, I ended up staying at a different hotel. The hotel I usually use was being remodeled, so I used another one close to the normal one. There was a restaurant at this hotel, so I thought I would give it a try. Do you know what I found?

How Did He Make That?

In the open kitchen area, they were making their own noodles. If you have been to China, you probably know noodles are quite popular and common for any meal of the day. I don’t know how they take the large balls of dough and get to separate into the individual noodles, but the gentleman in the photograph above has mastered it!

How Did He Make That?

As you can tell from the size of these pots, they make a lot of noodles at one time. Sometimes the noodles are served cold, but I prefer mine to be hot.

How Did He Make That?

For those of us that aren’t overly skilled with chopsticks, there is a slight challenge with eating noodles. Sometimes you get too big of a group with your chopsticks, and there seems to be no end to the noodles you are eating. So, what do you do? Well, you have two options — you can either bite off the noodles and let them fall back into the bowl, or you can just slurp it all up. By far the most common practice is to slurp it all up with no hesitation.

How do you like to eat noodles?

If you have read many of my blogs, you know that I love the people of China, their culture, and their food.  Sometimes when I am with Chinese friends and we are eating, I will let them order, but I won’t ask what something is that I don’t recognize. After I taste it, then I will ask what it is, because I want to be open minded about the new food item.

Here is a picture of one items that I didn’t recognize, but enjoyed eating. Do you recognize this item?

What Do Dragons Have To Do With Food?

If you are like me and don’t know what this food is, it is called Dragon Fruit. To prepare Dragon Fruit for eating, you must remove the colorful exterior and then you will find a very interesting looking and delicious fruit. Do you want to know what this fruit looks like?

What Do Dragons Have To Do With Food?

The fruit is pretty firm and delicious. I assume the black flecks are seeds, but I could be wrong about that. Regardless, this is a very interesting looking fruit both on the inside and outside, and it is yummy!

I want to encourage everyone to sample different foods from different cultures. You never know when you will come across something as interesting and delicious as Dragon Fruit!

What’s the most unusual foreign food you’ve ever tried?


Fruit Cart on Street in China

Fruit Cart on Street in China


Amazing Street Food And Amazing Memories
I’ve been waiting to introduce a blog series about street food because it’s so much a part of the Chinese culture. Yes, I know many people will tell you that you shouldn’t eat food from street vendors because you don’t know if the food is stored at the proper temperature, or if the utensils are clean, and so forth. That is probably good advice if you are a very conservative eater and have a weak stomach. But I can tell you that if you don’t partake, you will be cheating yourself from some delicious food and from enjoying the wonderful, funny, and kind-hearted people that prepare it.

I have so many wonderful memories of the different types of street foods in China: I can visualize the steam coming off the cooking devices. Oh, and the wonderful smells…. It’s torture having to stand in line inhaling the aroma of the good food ― especially something that I already know I love to eat―and wait patiently for it to be prepared and handed to me!

China’s Fresh Fruit on the Street
I’ll lead this Street Food series with China’s fresh fruit. The fruit that you can get from a street vendor in China is usually very fresh and inexpensive, if you don’t mind negotiating a little. The blogsite shows the picture gallery.

One amazing thing I enjoy is watching a fruit vendor carve a fresh pineapple into a work of art in a matter of seconds. It has always impressed me how quickly the street vendor can prepare a design on a pineapple and then put it on a stick for you to enjoy.

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Protecting Your Stomach in Advance
If you are one who usually doesn’t try new foods, but on rare occasions gets caught up in the moment, tempted by a wonderful smelling food that you just can’t resist, then you should consider getting some protection for you stomach. Before you travel, just tell your doctor that you will be traveling and that would like something for your stomach…just in case. My guess is the doctor will say, “Yes, we can protect you and give you a prescription for Cipro.”

Now, go, eat, and enjoy!



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