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I am very proud of the young man pictured below. He overcame tremendous challenges early in his life, and now he is soaring. The leader of the Chinese special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life said that he was abandoned by his biological parents, and he had a horrible burn on his face. When the leader of the orphanage received him, they had to remove burned skin from over his eye so he could open it. He has also had skin grafts done, but still has scarring.

When he became old enough for school, the school system refused to enroll him as a student for two reasons. The school felt with the scars on his face, he would be a distraction to the other students in the class. Also, they felt it would be cruel to allow him to enroll, because all of the other students would pick on him and it would cause him psychological and emotional harm. I am thankful to report that the lady that leads the orphanage went to battle for him, and after sending many letters and having several meetings with education officials, our little friend was allowed to enroll!

One of the things Global Partners in Life does for this young scholar is to pay for his school fees, lunches, school uniforms, and school supplies. I would say we are seeing a great return on our investment!

It has taken many years, but he has overcome his rough beginning! Last year he had the best math grades in his class, and this year he has the best overall grades! And to think that he was not going to be allowed to enroll in school!

I am so proud of him for doing so well with his school work, and also for overcoming other obstacles. The day the photo was taken, there were about twenty people in the room! Yes, we were making noise and playing with the other children, yet he not only chose to do his school work, but was also focused enough to tune out all of the distractions going on around him. One of the things Global Partners in Life does for this young scholar is to pay for his school fees, lunches, school uniforms, and school supplies. I would say we are seeing a great return on our investment!

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There is a young girl at the special needs orphanage in China, supported by Global Partners in Life, who is a poor student. Some think that, between the health problems of her biological mother and with her own health problems, she has some slight developmental issues. On my last visit, I learned that she has a new talent, which surprised everyone. Would you like to know what her hidden talent is?

Who Knew She Was an Artist?

She can draw very well! For some reason, out of the blue, she just started drawing — and doing it well for someone with no training. While the other students were doing their homework, she had her books out also, but she was drawing. I think that might be our little secret!

Who Knew She Was An Artist?

The photo above shows our friend and artist. It is interesting to me that she chose to have a telephone with no cord going to it as her paperweight. You can see some of her work in the photos above and below, and I was fortunate to find some of her work in color, because she usually likes to sketch in pencil.

Who Knew She Was An Artist?

Perhaps our little artist learned how to draw at school, but I am not sure. What I am sure about is that Global Partners in Life will continue giving financial aid to this orphanage so she, and her brothers and sisters at the orphanage who can physically attend school, can continue their educations.

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I don’t know about you, but when I was a school-aged child growing up, about the last thing on my mind on Sundays was doing homework! Well, that isn’t the case for the students that are physically able to attend school at the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life.

What Did You Do on Sundays?

This photograph was taken on a Sunday, and these two are doing homework. I think the girl on the left is twelve years old, and the boy on the right is thirteen. Last year, the boy had the highest math grades in his class, and this year he has the highest overall grades in his class!

What Did You Do on Sundays?

This young girl is doing schoolwork on Sunday also. She got a late start with school, because the schools have a rule about the disability she has and not letting those children attend, but the lady that leads the special needs orphanage kept fighting and getting more and more people involved, and finally the school accepted her. I can’t tell you how much better her days are now that she gets to go to school!

What Did You Do on Sundays?

This friend of mine once loved for me to hold him with his feet above his head, and pick him up and hold him near the chandelier. He and the fellow in the first picture used to like for me to hold out my arms and they would climb me like monkeys; but those days are past, and now he is more interested in his school work.

It is thrilling for me to see the money Global Partners in Life spends for their education being put to good use. We spend $45 a month per child for their school fees, books, and lunches. It costs $164 per year per child for their school supplies. In China, students wear uniforms to school, so we also spend $75 for one winter and one summer uniform per child.

If you would like to help us provide the funding for these children to receive an education, please visit us at!

One of the many ways Global Partners in Life helps support the children at the special needs orphanage in China is by paying for their school fees. Granted, not all of the children are capable of going to school for various reasons; but we do all we can to pay the school fees, school supplies, lunches, and uniforms. Would you like to see what one report card looks like?

A Special Report Card

Actually, this isn’t a normal report card, nor is it from a normal school. The lady that leads the special needs orphanage found a school for people with special needs. The programs they offer have to do with health issues. The goal of this school is to help special needs people obtain a marketable skill, so that they can one day can become independent, and I am in complete support of that.

This report card belongs to a young lady with more physical issues than I can list. We even brought her to the States for medical attention at one point, but unfortunately, not much could be done for her at that time. I believe our young friend has been in this program for at least two years. What makes this report card unique is that (I am told) it says that she is one of the elite students. She has been studying massage therapy, and I believe she is going to study something like acupuncture soon!

I am very proud of her and I believe she will continue in her academic excellence! When people invest in Global Partners in Life, we use that money to help the special needs orphans receive an education, so that they may one day become independent and provide for themselves.

Thanks so much to those of you that contribute to the work we are honored to do in China!

For a semester I taught at the Jing Mei Business School in Beijing.  This was a wonderful school.  I made many friends and we have stayed in touch over the years.  It was humbling for me to teach there because my students were all smarter than me.  We had attorneys, graphic designers, research market analysts, publishers, IT leaders, and business people.  So, not only were the students intelligent, but the building’s concept was a great idea to me.

Let’s say the building was 35 floors high; I am just guessing since I don’t remember!  The building was established with a plan where the floors alternated business and residential.  The philosophy was that when one floor was leaving to go to work, the other floor would be coming to work.  This concept would maximize the building’s limited parking.

There was a nice area around the building where trees were planted and open areas where people would walk their dogs.  Also, there was a nice walking path that had stones which extended upward from the sidewalk.  The stones were there to massage your feet, which is important in that culture.  It was very peaceful in the park outside the building and there was playground equipment for children.  There was an international element to the building, as we made friends with an Egyptian family living there.  They didn’t take any classes, but would just come and hang out with us.  This made me think the design of the combination of residential and business was a great idea!