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One of the many ways Global Partners in Life serves the children at the special needs orphanage we support in China is to provide for their daily needs. Yes, we also provide for their medical needs, educational needs, and the workers that take care of them; but one of the things I enjoy doing for them is just a simple trip to the grocery store. Would you like to know what is purchased for them?

Almost always I purchase school and office supplies, and I always provide diapers . . . lots of diapers. Sometimes I will purchase rice, and I frequently purchase cleaning supplies. Something the children also enjoy is when I bring them toys, puzzles, games, and outdoor equipment, and I always purchase some of those items.

One of the things I enjoy purchasing for the children is beef, which is very expensive in China; so they rarely eat it, but they like it very much. On my last trip, I met a very friendly lady in the meat section of the grocery store, and she was willing to let me photograph her. She was wearing an interesting hat, not one of the normal white hair nets most people wear.

A Simple Trip to the Grocery Store

This nice lady was working very close to a display of pig snouts, but she didn’t try to get me to buy any of them. Don’t worry — I didn’t buy any for the children!

A Simple Trip to the Grocery Store

So, as you can see, one of the many ways Global Partners in Life helps provide for the children is by a simple trip to the local grocery store!

During my last trip to China, when I stayed in Beijing, I ended up staying at a different hotel. The hotel I usually use was being remodeled, so I used another one close to the normal one. There was a restaurant at this hotel, so I thought I would give it a try. Do you know what I found?

How Did He Make That?

In the open kitchen area, they were making their own noodles. If you have been to China, you probably know noodles are quite popular and common for any meal of the day. I don’t know how they take the large balls of dough and get to separate into the individual noodles, but the gentleman in the photograph above has mastered it!

How Did He Make That?

As you can tell from the size of these pots, they make a lot of noodles at one time. Sometimes the noodles are served cold, but I prefer mine to be hot.

How Did He Make That?

For those of us that aren’t overly skilled with chopsticks, there is a slight challenge with eating noodles. Sometimes you get too big of a group with your chopsticks, and there seems to be no end to the noodles you are eating. So, what do you do? Well, you have two options — you can either bite off the noodles and let them fall back into the bowl, or you can just slurp it all up. By far the most common practice is to slurp it all up with no hesitation.

How do you like to eat noodles?

One of the holidays celebrated in China during the fall is called the Mid-Autumn Festival or “Zhong qiu jie.” I have celebrated many of them in China, and one thing I can always count on is there being many moon cakes sold, served, and given as gifts. So, have you seen a moon cake?

Have You Ever Heard of Moon Cakes?

I think you can tall from the photograph above how they got their name! Moon cakes come in two main styles: one has a very flaky white exterior, and the other has a golden exterior with a beautiful design. The filling within the cake can have many different exotic flavors.

The ones I like the best are strawberry and fig. I have also had some that were made with pecans, and another type with peanuts that was quite tasty as well, but that is about my limit of the ones I have enjoyed. I have had various ones with filled with some type of cream filling in either white, pink, or violet. Honestly, I have no idea what is in some of the moon cakes — but they are still a beautiful gift to receive!

Have You Ever Heard of Moon Cakes?

The moon cakes above were for sale at a local street market. I am not sure what fillings they had, but they looked delicious that rainy morning!

Have You Ever Heard of Moon Cakes?

As you can see, the moon cakes can come in different colors and packaging. The Chinese are wonderful hosts, so they enjoy giving the foreigners moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

If you are ever around China during the “Zhong qiu jie,” you simply must try a moon cake. It is one of the great traditions of China, and 1.4 billion people can’t be wrong!

Have you ever had moon cakes?

If you have read many of my blogs, you know that I love the people of China, their culture, and their food.  Sometimes when I am with Chinese friends and we are eating, I will let them order, but I won’t ask what something is that I don’t recognize. After I taste it, then I will ask what it is, because I want to be open minded about the new food item.

Here is a picture of one items that I didn’t recognize, but enjoyed eating. Do you recognize this item?

What Do Dragons Have To Do With Food?

If you are like me and don’t know what this food is, it is called Dragon Fruit. To prepare Dragon Fruit for eating, you must remove the colorful exterior and then you will find a very interesting looking and delicious fruit. Do you want to know what this fruit looks like?

What Do Dragons Have To Do With Food?

The fruit is pretty firm and delicious. I assume the black flecks are seeds, but I could be wrong about that. Regardless, this is a very interesting looking fruit both on the inside and outside, and it is yummy!

I want to encourage everyone to sample different foods from different cultures. You never know when you will come across something as interesting and delicious as Dragon Fruit!

What’s the most unusual foreign food you’ve ever tried?

Breakfast Breads

March 15, 2016 — Leave a comment

Most of the nicer hotels I have stayed in China have a breakfast buffet, and today I want to mention some of the breads that can be found at the buffets. Usually you can find the traditional manto, which is a solid white steamed bread or multi-grain bread, but I don’t think I have ever seen a bagel. The manto is usually served warm and in small serving sizes for breakfast. Much larger sizes of manto are found for the other meals.


breads2In the picture to the left, you can see a couple of breads that are common on the breakfast buffets. The one furthest away is a fried bread, sometimes it is hollow. The item closet to the camera is a pastry which has a very flaky exterior. Inside is a sweet paste and I will say it tastes like figs. The pastries are reasonably filling, but the fried bread isn’t filling at all.

It is common in hotels that have foreigners staying there to have toast of various shapes and flavors. On my last trip, a friend with me wanted toast and butter. I must admit that I got a good laugh watching them try to spread their butter with chopsticks!breads3