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Someone contacted me via social media a couple of months ago, out of the blue, as the saying goes. I didn’t know this person, but she said that she had once lived in the city where the special needs orphanage is that Global Partners in Life supports, and she had even volunteered at the orphanage. We had communicated a few times when she told me she was returning to China to adopt. Before her adoption, she planned to visit the special needs orphanage, and she asked if there was any particular need she could help with while she was there. Her timing was perfect!

During my previous trip, I had been made aware of one of the girls having a problem with her crutches. She has the type of crutches with the cuff that goes around the forearm for additional support. The crutches are adjustable for when the child grows taller. Unfortunately, the pen that holds the handle in place was broken. There was a spring behind a metal ball that would push through a hole to lock the handle in place. The metal ball was missing, so there was a sharp end of the spring exposed, which stuck our little friend many times.

I told my new friend that I had asked a man there to fix the crutch, but he was unsuccessful. I had also looked at multiple locations in my hometown, and I couldn’t find a replacement! The wonderful news is that the lady going for a visit at the special needs orphanage not only found a youth’s set of crutches, but she also purchased and delivered a larger set of similar crutches, so our little friend will have good crutches to use as she grows and matures!

True Help Requires All Of Us

I am so thankful for my new friend! After being told by the director of the special needs orphanage to reach out to me, she actually did. Then she was willing to ask how she could help, and she carried through with the request!

This story reveals that we all can help — we just need to take the first step!

If you would like to support the work of Global Partners in Life, please visit our website.

By the way, this story has an even happier ending. My new friend and her family now have a child from China in their family! I am so thankful for people who have a heart for others!

The Smile

October 20, 2016 — Leave a comment

We have an expression which says a person has a smile that will light up a room. Well, I want to tell you about a person where this saying is absolutely true! My little friend can not only light up a room, but she can fill your heart with joy when she smiles at you — see for yourself below.

Always with a smile, despite having spina bifida!

This photograph was taken in 2009, when Global Partners in Life had been supporting her special needs orphanage in China for three or four years. She is very playful, and she loves to go outside.

Unfortunately, she isn’t allowed to walk around much, because she has spina bifida with a tethered spine syndrome. She can’t walk very well at all, and it isn’t a good idea to spend much time on her feet, because she has a wound that won’t heal. She doesn’t have any feeling from her waist down, so it doesn’t hurt her; but battling an infection is a constant in her life.

spina bifida foot wound of a special needs orphan

I have watched her wound have the dressing changed many times. Sometimes the wound is much larger than it appears in this picture. We spend at least $1,000 a year for the medicines that fight infections and some that attempt to close the wound. The doctors tell us that if the infection gets into her bone, then she will need to have her foot amputated.

Even though my friend has battled this condition for many years, she never seems to let this get her down or slow her down. I am sure there is a lesson in this for me, and I should remember her when I am throwing a pity party for myself!

Please support Global Partners in Life so we can continue to provide the medical attention needed by this little girl and several others!


Your Impact

October 13, 2016 — Leave a comment

Today I wanted to share with you a huge success story that was made possible by the people that invest in the work Global Partners in Life is doing in China. My friend that I will tell you about is named Xiang Zi.

Your Impact: Meet Xiang Zi

As you can tell from the photograph above, Xiang Zi is a playful guy, and he has a smile that is as big as his zeal for life. I don’t have permission to show his face, but I am sure there was a big smile behind the bag over his head. Xiang Zi is full of life and energy, and he was very helpful with the other children. He was also very intelligent, which was made clear to us by how he could take any new game, puzzle, or model ship requiring assembly and know what to do with  all of them.

Unfortunately, Xiang Zi has spinal bifada with a tethered spinal syndrome. I am not a doctor, but I am told that means he not only had the sack of fluid on his spine, but his spine was also damaged and signals couldn’t travel up and down his spine correctly. He was pretty much paralyzed from the waist down, and it was very impressive to watch how he could move and keep a very positive attitude.

Through contributions made to Global Partners in Life, we were about to pay for a medical procedure which assured us that he would no longer have to worry about the fluid building up on his spine. He was still unable to walk, but we knew his condition wouldn’t get any worse.

The great ending to this story is that once his biological parents knew that the procedure had been successfully completed, they came to the special needs orphanage and reclaimed him, so Xiang Zi is now living with his family! This reunion would not have taken place if people like you had not contributed to the work Global Partners in Life is doing in China!

There are many more children like Xiang Zi; would you like to help us meet their needs?