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Trust in the Driver

April 15, 2020 — Leave a comment

During my last trip to India, while traveling on the roads, I saw a few alarming things that truly caught my eye. One thing in particular really took risk to an extreme level. Would you like to see what it was?

Seeing multiple people on a motorcycle is common, and seeing children on a motorcycle in China did not prepare me for this. Here you see a family of 5 on one motorcycle in HEAVY traffic! The only person with a helmet is the driver, so maybe that should have given his passengers a reason not ride with him! It looks like the child on the front is blindfolded, which may keep him from being scared!

For safety reasons, my parents didn’t want me riding a motorcycle, and I understand why. So, I don’t know if it was because I was taught to not ride motorcycles, or because I am a tenderfoot, but riding a scooter in the crazy traffic in a large city in India is not a good idea to me. I must give this person credit for their bravery, and also for their toenail polish matching their pants!

Another interesting sight I saw going down a road in India was the truck above. Not only did it have an oversized load, but it was also leaning. If I could have taken a picture from directly behind the truck, you could tell with more clarity how far the truck’s load was leaning. I don’t think I would want to pass on the driver’s side of this transport truck if I was on a motorcycle! Yes, I did trust my driver to steer clear of potential problems like this!

Home Away From Home

August 19, 2014 — Leave a comment

One of the consistently interesting things about traveling is when you see something you didn’t expect to see.  It may surprise you, and maybe it will remind you of home!

The pictures I am about to show you fall into each category mentioned above, surprising and reminding me of home.  In the first picture you will see a motorcycle with a sidecar.  Honestly, I only remember seeing one other motorcycle with a sidecar in China, so it was surprising to see this!


This picture was taken in the fall, so you know where my mind was….right on football!  Why did this motorcycle and sidecar made me think about home? Check out this next picture!


You can see the Oakland Raiders logo on the motorcycle and the bike was black, which is one of the Raiders’ colors.  In typical Raiders fashion, the sidecar looked like it had been through a few battles, but was still standing and going strong!


I don’t think I would volunteer to ride with this driver, but at least they were supporting a great team!  Keep your eyes open when you travel; you never know what you may see!

Go Raiders!