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Having recently returned from a visit with our friends at the special needs orphanage, I wanted to give you some ideas about what your donations do that you don’t see. It is easy to see a caregiver at the orphanage, or an improved condition when a child has a medical procedure. And it is easy to see the children dressed up in their school uniforms, and to see them growing from the food we purchase for them, but there is more to see than immediately meets the eye. Would you like to see what I am referencing?

The Unseen Impact of Your Contributions -

The Unseen Impact of Your Contributions -

Through the generosity of our donors, on this last trip I was able to provide some simple gifts for the children! Yes, Play-dough seems to be popular with children of all ages. As you can tell from the photos above, when you are one of the youngest children, you get to model the custom earrings and hats.

It was quite pleasing to see that some of the older children were enjoying playing with the Play-dough, even if they were a little mischievous with it! In the photo below, one of the older boys made a perfectly formed dumpling. Unfortunately, my photo doesn’t reveal all of the details!

The Unseen Impact of Your Contributions -

As you can see from these photos, your contributions do much more than provide medical treatments, food, and utilities for the children. On this day, very close to when the new school year was starting, it gave the younger and older children smiles on their faces — and to me, that is priceless!

I can’t thank our donors enough for the joy they spread to my young friends in China, even on a day when they were just hanging out waiting for the start of a new school year.

I recently returned from another trip to China in which I got to visit the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life. As soon as I entered the orphanage, I saw a young face I didn’t recognize, so I inquired about him. Would you like to see him?

The Newest Orphan of Many

He had only been there for a few days when I arrived, and he has an incomplete story. Apparently a local pastor got involved in trying to help him, so the pastor brought him to Grace. We are not completely sure about his past, but his parents seem to have many issues facing them, and it wasn’t a good environment for the little boy. To my knowledge, our new friend isn’t registered, so he doesn’t have a “Hokou,” which is like our Social Security Card. From what I was told, nobody is completely sure about his name, which is very sad when you think about it!

The Newest Orphan of Many

Unlike the other children, he has no health problems that we are aware of, and he enjoys playing . . . especially with balloons! He was slightly on the shy side, but I can certainly understand that with his background, not to mention there was some foreigner in his new home that day.

The leader of the special needs orphanage said she didn’t think she would keep him for very long. I don’t know if that has to do with something the pastor told her, previous experience, or her gut feeling — but for now, through the donations we receive, we are providing for our new little friend . . . whatever his name is!

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A Girl Named Hope

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Hope is a wonderful word for many reasons, and it is also a fantastic name. My time today will be spent telling about a young lady named Hope. She was legally adopted by the lady who runs the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life. Would you like to know some of her story?

Hope received a scholarship to go to a high school in America, where her English improved tremendously. I visited with her while she was in the States, and she told me she missed the children at the Home of Joy special needs orphanage. It was touching to me that a high-schooler in a foreign country would think about younger children back at her home.

After Hope graduated from high school, she returned to China, where the plan was for to find another scholarship so she would be able to attend college. Unfortunately, after much searching, there wasn’t a scholarship available for Hope. She was living at the Home of Joy helping with the children, when Grace, the lady who leads the special needs orphanage, asked her if she would be willing to become an employee, since they needed another worker to help with the children. Hope asked for 3 days to consider the offer, and I am sure she realized she would be a great candidate since she already knew the children and how to provide for them.

After one day, Hope told Grace she was ready to make a full time commitment to providing care for the children! Grace was happy — she didn’t have to train a new employee, and Hope could help the children with their school work.

One of the first things I saw when I walked into the Home of Joy during my last trip was Hope teaching some of the children vocabulary words! I was thrilled to see this, and I knew it was very beneficial for the children. Also, I was thankful to see the financial contributions Global Partners in Life receives from our fantastic donors was being put to such good use, as Hope was caring for and educating the children. In the photograph below, you will see in picture several aspects of what Global Partners in Life does for the special needs orphans we support. We provide for their care, the workers that meet the children’s needs, and the children’s education!



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With Global Partners in Life turning thirteen years old in April, this will be a special blog to celebrate the birthday. Global Partners in Life has provided for countless medical procedures since we started investing in the special needs orphanage in China in 2006. These medical procedures have sometimes been as small at shots for school or routine check-ups. The next level of medical care has been testing for conditions the children were born with, or to determine if surgery was needed. Finally, we have paid for several surgeries, with cleft pallets being the most common. We have even provided for multiple open heart operations, usually performed to correct a hole in one of the children’s heart.

An interesting reflection would be to show pictures from when I first met the children at the special needs orphanage in 2006, and then show a picture from a recent trip. Hopefully you will enjoy these photographs!

Happy Birthday to Global Partners in Life!


Happy Birthday to Global Partners in Life!

As you can tell, this boy likes to chew on straws and play with streamers. It is hard for me to believe how much he has grown! Thankfully, there are many others like him! He has had multiple cleft pallet surgeries, and we have provided the funds for his braces. Once his braces are removed, he will probably need a third operation to close the gap in the roof of his mouth.

Not only have we provided for desperately needed medical procedures, we have also paid for some more practical daily needs. These would include bigger items like a large van; remodeling the bathroom; remodeling the kitchen; and meeting needs for food, cleaning supplies, salaries for the workers, and school fees. As you can tell, Global Partners in Life is having success in impacting the quality of life for these truly needy children.

I must give a huge thank you to the people that serve on the Board of Directors for Global Partners in Life! Additionally, I must thank those who contribute in the work we are doing in China — for without them, we couldn’t provide for the children.

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There is a young girl at the special needs orphanage in China, supported by Global Partners in Life, who is a poor student. Some think that, between the health problems of her biological mother and with her own health problems, she has some slight developmental issues. On my last visit, I learned that she has a new talent, which surprised everyone. Would you like to know what her hidden talent is?

Who Knew She Was an Artist?

She can draw very well! For some reason, out of the blue, she just started drawing — and doing it well for someone with no training. While the other students were doing their homework, she had her books out also, but she was drawing. I think that might be our little secret!

Who Knew She Was An Artist?

The photo above shows our friend and artist. It is interesting to me that she chose to have a telephone with no cord going to it as her paperweight. You can see some of her work in the photos above and below, and I was fortunate to find some of her work in color, because she usually likes to sketch in pencil.

Who Knew She Was An Artist?

Perhaps our little artist learned how to draw at school, but I am not sure. What I am sure about is that Global Partners in Life will continue giving financial aid to this orphanage so she, and her brothers and sisters at the orphanage who can physically attend school, can continue their educations.

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Have you ever had a great distraction? Maybe you are watching a ball game and a friend comes over with cookies, now that would be a great distraction… as long as they ring the doorbell during a commercial!

This charming little guy is having one of those moments, and it is so funny to watch him approach it. A friend of mine was at the special needs orphanage to take some of the children who were physically able to ice skate to the local rink in a mall. The children were lining up to get their shoes and coats, when I came in with bags of gifts I had purchased for the children. Although this fellow is young, he knows I come with gifts, toys, and food. He really isn’t interested with the cleaning supplies, toiletries, and diapers.

Have you ever had a moment of great distraction?

As you can see, his body is lined up to go to the door and get his shoes, but his eyes are focused on the large bags of goodies I had for them. He was all ready to go ice skating, but his mind was saying, hey, let’s check out what Beau has for us this time!

The ice skating was only delayed a little bit while the items I brought were tucked away in a place where all of the little hands couldn’t get to them. Do you wonder if he was thinking about what was in the bags back home while he was ice skating?

Thanks so much for your donations which enabled me to be able to make the purchases for the children!

What could be better on a hot summer day than eating a cold ice cream cone? That ice cream cone is enhanced significantly if you have been running and playing hard outside. This is a common series of events for most of us from our childhoods, but it virtually never happens for some young friends of mine.

As Global Partners in Life tries to provide for the children at the special needs orphanage we support in China by meeting their medical, educational, and humanitarian needs, we also want to provide some fond memories for them of their youth. The children don’t get to go outside and play very often, because there aren’t enough workers at the special needs orphanage to keep a watchful eye on all of them.

Having said that, all of the children got very excited when the leader of the orphanage told them to get their shoes on because they were going outside to play. There were shouts of joy and a rush to the door where they keep their shoes, and some tried eagerly to be the first one out the door.

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

After the children had been playing for a while, I walked to a local store and bought several different flavors of ice cream and returned to the children. The children were allowed to choose which flavor of ice cream cone they wanted, and it was a big decision for them! Some even made their selection, but brought it back after thinking about it a little more, and chose another one.

The ice cream was an inexpensive thing, but a huge treat for the children. The exchange rates allows us to have an even greater buying power there . . . even for some unexpected ice cream!

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Can you think of any activities for children that are better when done outside? Sure, fireworks and things involving throwing or kicking a ball come to mind, but what about the other not-so-obvious ones?

During a recent trip to the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life, we did one activity that is definitely better when done outside. This activity was placing water-based paint on the children’s hands, and then having them make an imprint of their freshly painted hand on a canvas. Once that was done, with a little touch up and imagination, it looked like each child’s handprint made a fish. It really brought this to life when a water line in the form of a wave was also painted on the canvas.

Some Activities Are Better Outside

It was actually funny to watch how the children reacted to having paint on their hands. Some embraced it, and some thought it was messy. Some just simply weren’t sure what to think about it, and others couldn’t wait to get their hand painted.

Some Activities Are Better Outside

The children were proud of their art project!  It was really cool to see how each child could recognize their handprint on the canvas.  If you look at the top right section of the photograph above, you will get an idea of what the final project looked like.  Also, here is a video of the process!

At the end of the day, the children had an opportunity to go outside and play — which doesn’t happen often, because there are not enough adults at the orphanage to watch all of the children. Also, they had been entertained and felt like someone cared for them, and their faces were full of smiles!

These are some of the things Global Partners in Life wants to provide for the abandoned children with special needs in China. This was definitely something new for them, and it worked out much better being done outside!

Can you imagine all of the children with paint on their hands with all of the opportunities to wipe the paint off onto something or someone inside?

One universal truth I cling to when I spend time with the special needs orphans is that kids like balloons. Is there anything more entertaining to a child than a colorful balloon?

Apparently it is great entertainment to hit your friend with a balloon, because it doesn’t hurt! Some other traditional things to do with balloons would include, but not be limited to, bursting them and making a sudden loud noise. Also, many enjoy holding the throat of the balloon and stretching it out a little to make a screaming sound when the air exits the balloon.

Another idea that works great with the beautiful thick black hair the children have is to rub an inflated balloon on some material and then hold it to someone’s head. The static electricity causes the person’s hair to stand up, and brings laughter to those watching. Now that I am bald, I am not a good candidate for this!

It is also entertaining to stuff an inflated balloon under your shirt so you will look insanely fat. As you can see below, this is universal! Nobody told him to do this, but he figured it out on his own.


As with most things that are enjoyed, the more balloons you have, the better life is! Whenever I have a bag of balloons, the children tell me which color they want and how fully inflated they want it.


One day I will teach the children about my favorite way to play with balloons — can you say WATER BALLOONS?! We at Global Partners in Life are delighted to bring smiles, companionship, and attention to the children we support at the special needs orphanage in China!

Have you ever watched a child discover the joy of a balloon? What did they find most entertaining?

WDuring a recent trip to visit our friends at the Home of Joy special needs orphanage, one of the little girls there received some welcomed individual attention. You see, there aren’t enough workers in my opinion at the special needs orphanage, so some of the children don’t receive as much individual attention or touch as they would like.

The little girl pictured below has cerebral palsy, so she is non-verbal and can’t communicate what she wants or needs. She is also quite large for her age, and can be a handful when she is moving around. Right away she seemed to bond with a volunteer I took with me on a recent trip. I don’t recall anyone giving our little friend as much touch and attention as she received that day, and she certainly seemed to enjoy it!

What Touch Can Do for a Special Needs Orphan

All my friend on this trip did was have a heart for children with special needs, and act on that. Once we arrived to the special needs orphanage, my friend picked up the little girl and began playing with and holding her new friend. I have to wonder how many days in the little girl’s life will be as good as the day Global Partners in Life went to see her and had some quality time for a young special needs orphan!

I am thankful GPiL was there to give this little girl a wonderful day… and I plan to continue giving good days to the special needs orphans with your support! Visit Global Partners in Life to discover how you can help us reach more special needs orphans like this little girl.