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You know, there is something about a sunset that brings a calming effect to us.  Work should be done for the day. It’s time to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view.  Below you will see a beautiful sunset from a mega city in China.  I don’t know what impact the air quality has on a sunset there, but this sunset was beautiful!


OK, the truth is, this was a pretty lucky view.  In a mega city, you will usually have obstructions to your view…like a cell phone tower.  You can judge for yourself how much, if any, the obstructions distort the view of a perfect sunset.


As you have heard, the amount of construction being done in China is amazing.  Having said that (you guessed it!), construction sites can compromise an otherwise beautiful sunset.  In the picture below, the sillhouette of a crane blemishes an otherwise fantastic sunset.


In China, when you have the highest floor of the apartment building for your home, it is common for you to also have some space on the roof as well.  Luckily for me a friend invited me to their roof top to watch the sunset and enjoy a nice meal up there and some wonderful conversation, too!

Everyone knows that sometimes you have some time to kill at an airport. I have some suggestions for you if your find yourself in that state at the Beijing Capital Airport.  You actually have some pretty good options, including, but not limited to, using the free WiFi!  You can find a fairly strong signal at all of the places I have tried at the airport and, as I previously mentioned, it is free.  If you have some work or emails to catch up on, or pictures to send, you can stay current via the airport’s WiFi.


If you enjoy art, there are some unique items to enjoy at the airport.  It would surprise me if there wasn’t some story about the artwork, but I don’t know what it is. Sorry!


Also, if you are a shopper, you have many options within the airport.  There are plenty of restaurants and many shops where you can pick up snacks. There are also many high-end shops available to keep you occupied and give you a chance to spend the money you didn’t exchange!






If you want a little taste of home, you never know what you may see at the Beijing Capital Airport!  Who would have thought Lady Liberty would be at this airport!


OK, I agree with you, I wouldn’t go to the airport to purchase a chandelier, but it is interesting to find them for sale there.  It is also interesting to see that some of the light bulbs needed to be tightened or replaced.

Another way to relax at the airport is to go to the floor which has showers and beds for rent by the hour.  If I remember correctly, this is on the third floor (or the floor just below the main terminal).  I have seen the signs for this facility. I have never been there, but it is nice to know that the option is available!