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In an era when most children have an extremely long Christmas wish list filled with expensive electronics, it was extremely humbling to hear the leader of the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life say that all she wanted for the children’s Christmas was shoes — warm shoes. It was equally exciting to provide for this need!


Thanks so much to the donors of Global Partners in Life, who provided the funds for the warm shoes, as well as many other gifts for the children. It was a powerful moment for me to see a child that struggles to walk get excited about trying on their new shoes and walking in them!


It was amazing that some of the children even wrote and drew thank you notes, which you can see below. In my many years of going to the special needs orphanage and providing gifts, this may have been the first time the children created thank you notes!

A Special Request for Christmas

This request for warm shoes refreshed my memory on how much we have to be thankful for and how much we take for granted. I have often said that these children are my teachers, because they show me how to be happy and content in all situations. They have been abandoned by their parents, have physical disorders, and yet the smallest things make them very happy and content. I truly need to be more like them!

Thanks so much to the people that support my young teachers and the work of Global Partners in Life!

OK, I am probably about the least qualified person on the planet to write a blog about ladies shoe fashion anywhere. If my wife saw the title, I am sure she would laugh.  I will make an attempt to share with you some of the current fashions I saw on a recent trip to China. First, however, I would like to tell you about the style when I was teaching at a university a few years ago.  The interesting thing to me about the designs back then were how the toes of the shoes were about 3 inches longer than they needed to be and extremely narrow.  I am a very practical person, so I didn’t understand why the toe needed to be so long, nor did I understand why the young teachers wearing these shoes thought they would be comfortable in them.

Flashing forward to the present, you will notice some bright colored shoes with large heels and soles in the picture below.  I do like the contrasting colors of her shoes and pants!


In the next picture, you can see large heels again with contrasting colors on the shoes.  I honestly believe I would struggle walking with soles on my shoes this high.


The picture below continues the theme of contrasting colors, platform soles, and high heels.  In these three pictures, we were outside in the rain waiting on a taxi.  I am sure all of these ladies were worried about the water getting so high that it would come over their shoes and get their feet wet.


In the last picture I will present, the lady’s boots actually came above her knees.  It wasn’t cold at all the night this picture was taken. Being the practical guy that I am, I don’t see how she kept from being way to warm in those boots on a such warm evening!  Oh, well! At least she had her designer bag and smart phone to further improve the image she wanted to project!