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During the last trip to China, I was able to enjoy multiple visits with the children at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life. There is one boy there that is so full of life and energy that he is hard to keep an eye on. Would you like to see a picture of him?

A Post-Surgery Look: It Is All Better!

Global Partners in Life has provided the funding for two cleft pallet surgeries for him, and he was showing me how he has healed! After recovering from his second operation, he has started speaking! His condition was severe, so he doesn’t enunciate his words very well, but at least now he is trying — before the surgery, he didn’t speak much at all.

To correct his lip, muscle from the area surrounding the two gaps in his lip had to be pulled into place, but there wasn’t enough muscle to cover all of the area needed. The lack of muscle prevented the doctors from forming his lip completely as they wanted. When he eats certain foods, the food may spill out of his mouth.

He will require at least one more surgery. After the lip has been closed and the gum has been closed, then an additional operation is required to close the gap in the roof of the mouth. My little friend has a large gap to close in the roof of his mouth, and the doctors hope everything they need to do can be accomplished in one operation.

If you would like to help this friend of mine have his next surgery, please go to and donate!

Today I wanted to share with you about Fei Bi, the youngest child at the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life. Granted, she is only two years old — but she is quite large for her age, and she has an enormous appetite.  Would you like to see a picture of her from my last trip?

Would You Like to Help Me?

Unfortunately, Fei Bi has cerebral palsy, which means she requires much more care than most of the other children at the orphanage, which puts a strain on the staff. As I mentioned, she has a large appetite; but she can’t feed herself, so one of the workers has to feed her. Fei Bi can’t dress herself or take herself to the restroom, so all of these daily events require assistance from someone else that is capable of correctly helping our little friend.

Global Partners in Life is trying to provide the funding for Fei Bi, and all the other children at the special needs orphanage, to have another worker there to administer the attention they need.

Everything has to be done for Fei Bi, because she can’t brush her teeth, bathe herself, wash her clothes, or prepare the meals she enjoys so much.

If you would like to invest in the enhancements of the lives of the children at the special needs orphanage, please visit us at and make a life-changing contribution. 

I don’t know about you, but when I was a school-aged child growing up, about the last thing on my mind on Sundays was doing homework! Well, that isn’t the case for the students that are physically able to attend school at the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life.

What Did You Do on Sundays?

This photograph was taken on a Sunday, and these two are doing homework. I think the girl on the left is twelve years old, and the boy on the right is thirteen. Last year, the boy had the highest math grades in his class, and this year he has the highest overall grades in his class!

What Did You Do on Sundays?

This young girl is doing schoolwork on Sunday also. She got a late start with school, because the schools have a rule about the disability she has and not letting those children attend, but the lady that leads the special needs orphanage kept fighting and getting more and more people involved, and finally the school accepted her. I can’t tell you how much better her days are now that she gets to go to school!

What Did You Do on Sundays?

This friend of mine once loved for me to hold him with his feet above his head, and pick him up and hold him near the chandelier. He and the fellow in the first picture used to like for me to hold out my arms and they would climb me like monkeys; but those days are past, and now he is more interested in his school work.

It is thrilling for me to see the money Global Partners in Life spends for their education being put to good use. We spend $45 a month per child for their school fees, books, and lunches. It costs $164 per year per child for their school supplies. In China, students wear uniforms to school, so we also spend $75 for one winter and one summer uniform per child.

If you would like to help us provide the funding for these children to receive an education, please visit us at!

One of the many ways Global Partners in Life helps support the children at the special needs orphanage in China is by paying for their school fees. Granted, not all of the children are capable of going to school for various reasons; but we do all we can to pay the school fees, school supplies, lunches, and uniforms. Would you like to see what one report card looks like?

A Special Report Card

Actually, this isn’t a normal report card, nor is it from a normal school. The lady that leads the special needs orphanage found a school for people with special needs. The programs they offer have to do with health issues. The goal of this school is to help special needs people obtain a marketable skill, so that they can one day can become independent, and I am in complete support of that.

This report card belongs to a young lady with more physical issues than I can list. We even brought her to the States for medical attention at one point, but unfortunately, not much could be done for her at that time. I believe our young friend has been in this program for at least two years. What makes this report card unique is that (I am told) it says that she is one of the elite students. She has been studying massage therapy, and I believe she is going to study something like acupuncture soon!

I am very proud of her and I believe she will continue in her academic excellence! When people invest in Global Partners in Life, we use that money to help the special needs orphans receive an education, so that they may one day become independent and provide for themselves.

Thanks so much to those of you that contribute to the work we are honored to do in China!

When my friend who leads the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life called, there was panic in her voice. She told me that one of the children desperately needed surgery on her heart. This child had blue lips and fingernails the last time I saw her, due to the hole in her heart not allowing the correct amount of oxygen to be in her blood, and she had grown very weak. My friend was frantically trying to raise the funds to pay for the surgery, because in China you have to pay for the entire medical procedure before the surgery actually takes place.

What A Difference A Day Makes

I am so thankful that Global Partners in Life was able to provide for this medical emergency, thanks to one special donor! This was the first major surgery we had provided for financially, and I am so thankful we did! After the surgery, I got to watch this child grow and flourish. She had once backed away from group wrestling matches, but after recovering from the surgery, she would be right in the middle of them.

This is hard to believe, but when this child was only three years old, she could fold the laundry. Also, she could feed the little babies their baby food without spilling a drop! She would get the right amount of food on the spoon and put it into the baby’s mouth, give the baby enough time to eat what they had, use the spoon to wipe up any extra that was on the outside of the baby’s mouth, and then repeat this process until the baby had completed their meal.

I am thrilled to share with you that this child was later adopted by a wonderful foreign family. It is amazing to consider the the difference — that she was once struggling to survive due to their health conditions, and now she is healthy, happy, and living abroad with a loving family!

This is what can happen when we invest in the lives of these truly needy children . . . wouldn’t you like to help make a difference?



Someone contacted me via social media a couple of months ago, out of the blue, as the saying goes. I didn’t know this person, but she said that she had once lived in the city where the special needs orphanage is that Global Partners in Life supports, and she had even volunteered at the orphanage. We had communicated a few times when she told me she was returning to China to adopt. Before her adoption, she planned to visit the special needs orphanage, and she asked if there was any particular need she could help with while she was there. Her timing was perfect!

During my previous trip, I had been made aware of one of the girls having a problem with her crutches. She has the type of crutches with the cuff that goes around the forearm for additional support. The crutches are adjustable for when the child grows taller. Unfortunately, the pen that holds the handle in place was broken. There was a spring behind a metal ball that would push through a hole to lock the handle in place. The metal ball was missing, so there was a sharp end of the spring exposed, which stuck our little friend many times.

I told my new friend that I had asked a man there to fix the crutch, but he was unsuccessful. I had also looked at multiple locations in my hometown, and I couldn’t find a replacement! The wonderful news is that the lady going for a visit at the special needs orphanage not only found a youth’s set of crutches, but she also purchased and delivered a larger set of similar crutches, so our little friend will have good crutches to use as she grows and matures!

True Help Requires All Of Us

I am so thankful for my new friend! After being told by the director of the special needs orphanage to reach out to me, she actually did. Then she was willing to ask how she could help, and she carried through with the request!

This story reveals that we all can help — we just need to take the first step!

If you would like to support the work of Global Partners in Life, please visit our website.

By the way, this story has an even happier ending. My new friend and her family now have a child from China in their family! I am so thankful for people who have a heart for others!

Thanks to the contributions received from the very generous donors to Global Partners in Life, we were able to provide many gifts for the children at the special needs orphanage we support. Right after our Christmas, the children prepared to celebrate their lunar new year called Chun Jie, I was able to provide them with toys to play with while they are out of school.  Would you like to see them?

Who Wants to Volunteer to Clean Up?

Some of the toys could fly, some could bounce, and some others were stackable. It is always interesting and fun to see how the children will play with their new toys. Unfortunately, it snowed that day, so some of the toys — like a badminton set — couldn’t be used immediately.

Who Wants to Volunteer to Clean Up?

Some toys even come with their own containers, so that helps with keeping all of the pieces together. This also helps with the cleaning process. Speaking of the cleaning process, I got a cute surprise when it was time to clean up the toys, as you can see in the photograph below.

Who Wants to Volunteer to Clean Up?

One of the younger boys lined up all of the balls and loaded them in his wheelbarrow to do his part in participating with the cleanup. He was actually the one who made the most noise and biggest mess with the toys, so it was amazing to see him using other toys to help clean up. He was a smart little guy, and he had a good day… thanks to our wonderful donors!

To learn more about the orphans we support, visit!

I am so thankful for the people that have a heart for the young children living at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life, and who work so hard to meet their needs.

As you can imagine, it takes a special person to deal with the challenges of having so many children living in the same apartment, not to mention their special needs. I would get very frustrated quickly if I worked there — but not my friends. I have learned that they have a little secret which not only helps them, but inspires them as well. Would you like to know what their secret is?

It Takes Less Than A Generation

Actually, their secret isn’t a what, but a who.

In the photograph above, the boy on the left needed a lot of help just a few years ago with daily issues, but now he is the one helping his younger brother and sisters who are living with him at the special needs orphanage. The boy on the right is blind, and he needed help while we were doing an activity. I can tell you from first-hand experience that the children are very patient with each other when they are helping.

Granted, kids will be kids — and sometimes when they are playing they can get irritated with one another — but how encouraging it must be for the workers to see a child that they once helped helping a younger orphan living with them!

As you can see, this orphanage, the children, and the adults working there have a sweet spirit about them. That is why it is so easy and rewarding for those of us who chose to get involved to assist our younger friends.

Would you care to join us?  Visit to learn how you can help!

What could be better on a hot summer day than eating a cold ice cream cone? That ice cream cone is enhanced significantly if you have been running and playing hard outside. This is a common series of events for most of us from our childhoods, but it virtually never happens for some young friends of mine.

As Global Partners in Life tries to provide for the children at the special needs orphanage we support in China by meeting their medical, educational, and humanitarian needs, we also want to provide some fond memories for them of their youth. The children don’t get to go outside and play very often, because there aren’t enough workers at the special needs orphanage to keep a watchful eye on all of them.

Having said that, all of the children got very excited when the leader of the orphanage told them to get their shoes on because they were going outside to play. There were shouts of joy and a rush to the door where they keep their shoes, and some tried eagerly to be the first one out the door.

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

After the children had been playing for a while, I walked to a local store and bought several different flavors of ice cream and returned to the children. The children were allowed to choose which flavor of ice cream cone they wanted, and it was a big decision for them! Some even made their selection, but brought it back after thinking about it a little more, and chose another one.

The ice cream was an inexpensive thing, but a huge treat for the children. The exchange rates allows us to have an even greater buying power there . . . even for some unexpected ice cream!

Would you like to help us provide for these children? Visit to learn how you can help!


Perspective Means so Much

December 15, 2016 — 2 Comments

As you can see for yourself, there is nothing spectacular about the building in the photograph below. It has no ornate features or any fascinating architectural designs. There aren’t any bright colors or awnings to catch your eye.

The truth is, there are several more buildings just like this one within this apartment complex — so why is this building so special to me?

Perspective Means So Much

The building in the picture above is the home of some of the most precious people I have ever had the honor of knowing  You see, this is the building that houses the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life! This building protects my young friends from the brutal and extremely harsh winters of northeast China, and provides them with heat, water, and a place to call home.

Having a place to call home is incredibly important to a child that has been abandoned by their biological parents!

These children don’t have much to call their own. The few possessions they have are shared with the other children at the special needs orphanage. The ones that can go to school do have some school books to call their own, but they actually share them with the children at the special needs orphanage who can’t go to school. So this unimpressive building means everything to my young friends!

When I can’t sleep, the people I think about live in this building. When I cry, the people I cry about live in this building. So this ordinary and non-descriptive building is extremely important to me . . . and to my little friends who live there and call it home!

Learn more about this orphanage, and some of the children who live there, at