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With Global Partners in Life turning thirteen years old in April, this will be a special blog to celebrate the birthday. Global Partners in Life has provided for countless medical procedures since we started investing in the special needs orphanage in China in 2006. These medical procedures have sometimes been as small at shots for school or routine check-ups. The next level of medical care has been testing for conditions the children were born with, or to determine if surgery was needed. Finally, we have paid for several surgeries, with cleft pallets being the most common. We have even provided for multiple open heart operations, usually performed to correct a hole in one of the children’s heart.

An interesting reflection would be to show pictures from when I first met the children at the special needs orphanage in 2006, and then show a picture from a recent trip. Hopefully you will enjoy these photographs!

Happy Birthday to Global Partners in Life!


Happy Birthday to Global Partners in Life!

As you can tell, this boy likes to chew on straws and play with streamers. It is hard for me to believe how much he has grown! Thankfully, there are many others like him! He has had multiple cleft pallet surgeries, and we have provided the funds for his braces. Once his braces are removed, he will probably need a third operation to close the gap in the roof of his mouth.

Not only have we provided for desperately needed medical procedures, we have also paid for some more practical daily needs. These would include bigger items like a large van; remodeling the bathroom; remodeling the kitchen; and meeting needs for food, cleaning supplies, salaries for the workers, and school fees. As you can tell, Global Partners in Life is having success in impacting the quality of life for these truly needy children.

I must give a huge thank you to the people that serve on the Board of Directors for Global Partners in Life! Additionally, I must thank those who contribute in the work we are doing in China — for without them, we couldn’t provide for the children.

If you would like to join our donors, please visit us at!



So Many Ways

October 27, 2016 — Leave a comment

The needs at the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life is long, and sometimes we may not realize all of them, but we provide for the children as we can. A universal and consistent need is food for the growing children, and this is one of the ways we have tried to help.

When Global Partners in Life found out their old refrigerator had broken during a holiday, making it difficult to get it serviced, which caused them to lose everything in it, we purchased a new one for them. It was large, easy to clean, and energy efficient, so the leader of the special needs orphanage liked it very much.

So Many Ways - A New Refrigerator

One of the things we enjoy doing when we return is stocking their pantry and refrigerator. Many items are helpful for restocking their pantry, and some of the items we commonly purchase for the children are rice, formula, and individually wrapped snack items.

The leader told us once that the children really loved the beef we provided for them, so we always try to remember to buy some beef. The price of beef is very high in China, so it is a treat for the children to have some!

So Many Ways - A Stocked Refrigerator

As you can see in the photograph above, the refrigerator is almost full when we leave! We also purchase diapers and cleaning supplies consistently, but those aren’t kept with the food items in the pantry or refrigerator!

Please consider investing in the work being done by Global Partners in Life in China to provide for these truly needy children.

My First Few Visits

September 24, 2015 — Leave a comment

As with any new environment, I had to learn through experiencing my new surroundings when I started visiting the special needs orphanage. Initially, it was hard to notice much more than all of the children requesting my attention, but once I got used to that and the children got used to me, I observed more and more within the orphanage.  

One of the first things I noticed was how the staff was always busy doing something.  It could be anything from changing a diaper, giving medicine, reading to a child, or feeding them, but there was always something to do.  Keep in mind that at one time there were 33 children living in this three bedroom apartment, which was actually a two bedroom apartment because one of the bedrooms was used as an office and storage area.  In a way, I felt sorry for the staff, because they never could get ahead of all of the needs of the children or laundry to fold, but they seemed to love the children and enjoyed helping them.

While walking around with a child or two in my arms, I would go to the large back bedroom and notice how many cribs were there.  Due to the number of children sleeping there, it was almost wall to wall cribs, as you can see in the pictures below.




As you can see, some of the cribs were made of wood.  The wooden cribs were very heavy, solid, and well made, but I was concerned that the paint was lead based, since they were so old.  Many of the cribs were large enough to hold two or three babies at the same time!


In future blogs, I will share with you some of my other observations from the special needs orphanage.  By this time, I was thinking the orphanage was called special needs, because it took so little time for the children to become special to me!  

The Wall

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My last few blogs about the work of Global partners in Life have spoken about the orphans around the city where I taught at a university.  I am very thankful for many teaching opportunities in different cities in China, so now I am sharing with you about another city.

As I was telling some new friends, at a school where I was teaching during one of my many teaching opportunities in China, about the orphans we were helping from the fire in the fireworks factory, they told me that they also helped some orphans in town.  In fact, they said that a group goes every Wednesday morning, and I was invited to join them.  I said certainly, and I had no idea of where my simple answer was leading me.

Some of the first things I noticed when we entered the orphanage were the wave of children rushing toward us when we entered the orphanage with their hands in the air wanting us to pick them up.  Also, I noticed that my friends neglected to tell me that this was a special needs orphanage, but that didn’t seem to slow the children down at all.

As I walked around the orphanage holding a child, I was drawn to many sights, sounds, children, and pictures on the wall.  We were in a large room, and one wall was lined with pictures of the most darling children I had ever seen.  I asked about the story behind the pictures, and I was told that the pictures were of some of the children that had been served by the special needs orphanage.


I couldn’t imagine how horrible those children lives had been before being rescued by this special needs orphanage.  They had physical challenges, were abandoned, and truly dependent on the love and support of others.  I have been going to this orphanage for at least 9 years, and I still like to look at these pictures, because it makes me so happy that there are people who have opened their homes, wallets, and arms for these children.  Global Partners in Life is focused on orphans in China, and hopefully all of the orphans around the world will receive the assistance they need by all of us who can contribute in so many ways!

The Greeting

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As I describe in my book, Unseen Tears, the greetings I have received when visiting my friends at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life, is amazing! The energy level increases to a frenzy, and the children rush to the door to great the people they assume are coming to entertain them. The children will hold their arms up in the air and want to be picked up and held, and some will come to see if you have anything for them in the bags or backpack you are carrying.

I think I have been to seven countries in my life, and at no place in my travels have I been greeted with the same enthusiasm as the children at the special needs orphanage have for guests. Sometimes they will jump up and down, and often there are some screams of anticipation and happiness. Sometimes they are so excited that they will just start hugging each other if they can’t get to their guests!

As you can see in the pictures below, the children will come running to the door with whatever they are doing still in their hands. There is so much joy and excitement, it is hard to explain, but I do know it is always one of the best parts of my trip! It takes so little effort on our part to provide a moment of joy for these children, so that motivates me to want to do more and more for them!