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Dining in India

February 15, 2019 — Leave a comment

In the previous blog for January, you learned that I went to India when I left China last fall. You have heard me tell many stories about the delicious meals in China, so I thought I would share with you some of my dining experiences in India. Would you like to see a normal meal?

Dining in India |

As we entered the restaurant for my first meal in India, I noticed that along the wall the restaurant had many sinks. Since you eat with your hands in India, the restaurant provides you with many opportunities to wash your hands near your table. The meal in the photo above was curry. It is common to have a bowl of rice served with the curry. So, the process is for you to use the stainless steel tray as your plate. You will put the rice on the tray, and then place the different curry dishes on the tray as well. This is the interesting part: you will then mix the curry with the rice with your hands and, when it gets to a good consistency, you will pick up the rice and curry ball with your hand and put it into your mouth.

I must say the food was delicious! On this trip I used both chopsticks in China and then my hands in India to eat my meals. Don’t be fooled, eating with your hands is more difficult than you may think. If you have any loose rice stuck to your hand, it may fall off as you put the food in your mouth. Trust me about this! Sometimes you will also have some flat bread with the meal, which has a wonderful flavor!

Dining in India |

Getting a cup of hot chai is very common in India. The photo above was taken from a street vendor, and they have a special way to mix the tea and milk as it comes to a foamy head. If I remember correctly, the procedure actually has the chai foaming up a couple of times. While walking around the streets in India, I could smell the chai being prepared in many places.

Hopefully you enjoyed our tour of dining and beverages in India! I look forward to sharing more with you about India in the future!

The Show Must Go On

March 28, 2017 — Leave a comment

One of the interesting things to me about Chinese culture is how the indigenous people will go out each morning and purchase the food and other items they will need for the day. Believe me, the Chinese start earlier than we Americans do!

There are many intriguing aspects to the early morning shopping, and one of them is the morning market which appears all across China each day. The local farmers will bring their products into the city each morning, set up a stand, and sell the freshest vegetables, meat, fruits, baked goods, tofu, and fruits. Then in a flash, they all tear down their stands and the street returns to normal before the rush hour starts. So, what do you think would happen if there was snow?

The Show Must Go On - Morning Market

As you can see in the photograph above, the snow doesn’t prevent the vendors from coming to the morning market, nor does it stop the customers. I must admit, I was pretty surprised to see how all of the vendors still made it into the city, and the locals came out in the snow to do their daily shopping. I am from Atlanta, Georgia, and the amount of snow we saw this morning would have crippled the city!

Hopefully you don’t get caught in a snow storm in China! But if you do, take heart — because the morning market will be there for you!


I know a recurring theme with my blog posts has to do with interesting and new sights I see while in China, and this post will be no different! I have seen so many unexpected and inexplicable things as I have traveled, so I consider myself fortunate, and I always enjoy encountering a new sight from time to time.

As I walked down one of the most heavily traveled thoroughfares running north and south in one of my favorite cities in China, I came across something I had never considered seeing on a busy street corner. To my surprise, an industrious young man had set up a couple of stools, and was doing pedicures for everyone to see!

Would You Like Some Traffic With Your Pedicure?

He had all of his supplies nicely arranged in his “office,” so I guess this wasn’t a spur of the moment idea for him. I have probably passed this street corner hundreds of times, and never seen him there. He decided he didn’t want me taking any additional pictures, but I can tell you he actually had a line of people waiting for him! If you look at the person in the background in the striped shirt, they appear to be in such a hurry for his services that they are already taking off their shoes!

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well along Qing Nian Da Jie! So if you ever want to let literally thousands of people watch you enjoy your pedicure, may I suggest visiting this busy street corner in China?

Do you think he has your color of toenail polish?