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Where It All Started

August 30, 2019 — Leave a comment

For those of you that have followed Global Partners in Life and the work we are doing in Asia, you know that the first group of orphans we supported were from a rural area in China. There was a horrible fire in an illegal fireworks factory in this rural area called Junan, and 20 students became orphans that day. 

Through the support of our generous donors, Global Partners in Life had been supporting these orphans before I had an opportunity to meet them in person. Would you like to meet them also?

As I said, this was a rural area and you can see the roads were not paved. We visited the orphans at their school, and even the school’s band showed up to welcome us. I felt very sorry for the students in the band, because it was 105 degrees that day and they had to wear their band uniforms.

The orphans we were supporting were allowed to come to school that day without wearing their school uniforms. We had a formal ceremony, and those particular orphans were given some gifts and sat in the front row.

As you can see in the photo above, the students in China wear uniforms to school. I have more photos of the orphans, and as you can tell, they were different ages. Global Partners in Life made a commitment to them that, regardless of their age, we would pay for their school fees, school supplies, uniforms, books, and lunches until they graduated from high school. I am thankful to report that 19 of the 20 did actually graduate from high school. One boy ran away one month before he graduated, and we have no idea what happened to him after that.

I am so thankful the donors of Global Partners in Life enabled us to meet the needs of these 20 orphans. Through their contributions, we were able to change the trajectory of these children’s lives by helping them receive an education.

We would love for you to partner with Global Partners in Life also!

Your donations to Global Partners in Life are used to assist the special needs orphanage we support in many ways. During my last trip to China, I was able to take a photograph of the process that starts with our donors. Would you like to see what I mean?

It All Started With You

Through your contributions and a special organization’s help, we remodeled the kitchen and now the children can have a healthier diet, and the kitchen functions better for the people working in it. Most importantly, since they now have a dishwasher, the dishes and silverware are sterilized — and when one child gets sick, no longer do all of the children get sick.

Global Partners in Life uses contributions to provide the food for the children. As you can see in this picture, noodles were being prepared that day. By the way, the hands you see preparing the noodles belong to the brother-in-law of the lady that leads the special needs orphanage. He has a special needs son that lives at home, so his level of commitment to the children at the orphanage is amazing and inspirational.

As the process continues, you have provided for the electricity used to cook the children’s meals. Since the children are receiving nutrition, they are growing to be as healthy as possible considering their preexisting conditions. Your gifts are also used to pay for the school fees, lunches, uniforms, and school supplies for the children that are physically able to attend school.

For the children that are too young or physically unable to attend school, your contributions are used to pay for the care givers that are taking care of the children. Also, you are paying for the medical procedures, doctor visits, and therapy needed by the children!

Thanks to our generous donors, the children have running water in their home, clothes to wear, cleaning supplies for the workers, and this past Christmas all of the children received a warm pair of shoes to wear.

To our donors, I will never be able to say thank you enough for enabling the children to have their needs met since they can’t provide for themselves!

A couple of years ago, I was wiring money to the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life in China, and the bank in America notified me that the bank in China had rejected the wire transfer. We had wired money many times to the orphanage, so I was surprised to hear this news.

After doing some investigating, we learned that the bank in China rejected the transfer because of some new banking rules they had. No longer could a foreign organization, like Global Partners in Life, transfer money to the bank account for the special needs orphanage. If we wanted to successfully wire the funds internationally, we would have to set up a different account — which we did — and the transfer was accepted by the bank in China.

Sometimes It's Hard to Do Good Things

Once the transfer was accepted, the bank in China called the special needs orphanage and let them know the wire had come through for them, and they just needed to sign some forms and the funds would be released into their bank account. So the lady that leads the orphanage went to the bank and spoke to the banker. At this point she was asked to step aside and answer a few questions.

The banker asked her what the money was going to be used for, and she said for the health of the children. Then she was asked where the money came from, and she said “Beau Sides.” So the banker asked, “Who is Beau Sides?” and she replied, “an American.” At that point the banker said, “Oh yes, we have a file on Beau Sides.”

During my last visit, the lady who leads the special needs orphanage showed me what one of the documents she receives when we transfer funds to her looks like. I thought you might want to see what it looks like, so the form is above.

If you would like to help us have money to wire to these truly needy children at the special needs orphanage, please visit