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As I mentioned a few blogs ago, I have had my first trip to India. After being picked up at the airport, I was taken to a retail area because the people picking me up needed to do some shopping. Although I was somewhat prepared for all of the horn blowing, since I have been to China many times, there were many other sights, sounds, and smells that were quite unique. Would you like to know what some of them were?

The Land of Hindu Temples |

Directly across the street from where my friends were shopping, there was a Hindu temple. This particular one was very colorful, and I could smell the incense being burned for quite a distance! I was surprised by how frequently I saw the temples around India. They came in many shapes, sizes, and colors!  Would you like to see more?

Land of Hindu Temples |

The dome on this temple was probably 4 stories high.I promise you, I wouldn’t want to use the ladder you see built into the dome! The weather in this area is VERY warm and humid, so I am sure the view from on the dome would be full of greenery and many different forms of plants, but I wouldn’t climb the dome just for the view!

Land of Hindu Temples |

This plaque was mounted inside a store. I am told one of the gods the Hindu worship is called the elephant god, and this plaque is for the elephant god. You can see where the holes are in and around the plaque for holding incense, which is burned for the elephant god.

India is full of many bright colors, interesting new smells, and wonderful people. I hope to share more with you about my time there!


Very near the original gate to the city of Shanghai that I shared about in my last blog, there is another area of interest.  This area is like a small temple where people go to burn incense.  You can smell the incense being burned for quite some distance away from the facility itself, so you know when you are getting close!


As you can see, there was a crowd gathered at this location. Both foreigners and Chinese were there to burn incense.  Luckily for them, there was a nearby place where they could purchase incense to burn.


There were some large statues inside the building, but there was not much illumination inside.  The red tassels hanging from the light are for good luck and are a very common sight in China.  The exterior of the structure was red, which is a popular color in china.

If you thought it was too crowded to go inside the small building, there was another area nearby where people could burn their incense.  Also, they had a small fireplace with hot charcoal burning so people could light their incense sticks.



If you have the opportunity to visit China, it is much more enjoyable and educational if you can experience it with someone that is knowledgeable about the history.  Don’t forget, you need to both be able to communicate in the same language!