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All across China each day there are an untold number of morning markets in each small neighborhood.  The vendors come into a common area, set up their booths, and sell their goods.  These markets give people an opportunity to get fresh vegetables, fruit, and meat each day.  The people are quite friendly, and you never know what you might see.

My words could never do justice to the morning markets, so I decided to show you a video of one.  Enjoy the experience, and welcome to China!

It is interesting to me how few overweight people I see in China. Is it because the Chinese walk more that Americans or because they do Tai Chi? Perhaps it is because of their diets? I am sure that has lot to do with it.

China has an amazing number of green houses, so you can get freshly grown fruits and vegetables even in the middle of the winter. Also, many open air markets exist all around China. In these markets you can find very fresh fruits and vegetables. The prices are not usually negotiated in the shops, but I think the quality is consistently high.


As you can see in the picture above, there is an abundance of food in these shops. The prices are clearly marked,  and they usually have a steady stream of customers. I have been told that the small local farmers like to sell their goods to shops like this. I am certain the shoppers enjoy having locally grown goods!

Anyone hungry?