What Would You Do With A Hoverboard?

April 25, 2017 — 2 Comments

One thing that I am not is creative . . . just ask those that know me well and they will verify that. It is interesting to me to see how someone takes something common, and develops a new use for it. Such is the case for a hoverboard. During my last trip to China, I saw a couple of uses for hoverboards that didn’t involve children playing. Would you like to see the new uses for them?

What Would You Do With a Hoverboard?

The gentleman pictured in the photograph above is a delivery man, and what this picture didn’t capture was the speed he was traveling while holding a large box. I can’t imagine how much practice it took to be able to balance on a hoverboard, and hold a bulky heavy box, and be safe! I don’t know if OSHA has come out with a ruling on this particular use for the device!

What Would You Do With a Hoverboard?

The picture above shows a man who I believe was going to work. Apparently he didn’t like to walk the distance he had to travel, so he used a hoverboard. Maybe he had a reasonable distance to travel, and didn’t want to pay to ride a bus, so he used this option. I promise you it was very cold that day, so there was some very good reason for him to choose to be out in the weather!

With all of the trips I have had to China, it is interesting to me that I continue to see new things of interest!

Are your hoverboard skills good enough to navigate the streets in a city of 22 million people while delivering a package?



2 responses to What Would You Do With A Hoverboard?

  1. The delivery man with the package seem dangerous, not only for him but also for other people as well. If he falls in a crowded street he might cause some injuries to close people… I think it would be ok though if riding on a bike lane. I guess the most important thing for the riders is use common sense though, be careful for yourself and others too!
    Good post ;) !

  2. I’ve seen a couple of people using hoverboards in the UK, presumably for the morning commute. Electric scooters seem to be a favourite though.

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